Still hospitalized….

For a person who likes to anyhow run, wheel here and there, eat here and there, laugh here and there, “etc.” here and there, etc., being sicked, back pain and bed bounded in the hospital would mean a JAIL term for ccfong.

One minute is just like one hour,

One hour is just like one day, and

One day is just like one Year.

On the wall, I keep on writing this character “正” – 5 strokes and I write a stroke every hour.

But nonetheless, I am feeling better…



Doctor(s) at first instance diagnosed me as having a flu known as Influenza B and it might cause my back bone to hurt. It hurts a lot.

Many visitors came and I received this cute special gift.

photo-167I received a gift that looks like a box and a big book

photo-166Is it some kinda of self hypnotherapy book?

photo-165Or some self help book on exercise to get well soon?

photo-164All No!!! Is a wonderful decoration with mini trees with pears and a small little monk with a pair of glasses reading a book (should be consisting of’s stories) under a very big butterfly as a shelter.

photo-169This is a closer look. This decoration cheers me up and confirm I will recover fast.. :-)

photo-163Thanks Spencer and Siew Ling for your gift.

photo-170And also a visit from my friend, a Yang Feng Shui practitioner.

As at now, my back is getting better and hopefully the pain can get off as soon as possible.

This period is Great Singapore Sales and’s items arm also join in the fun. Please check out for weapons that benefit you at now and there will be more updates now and then. More items will be up under the Great Singapore Sales tab.

Enjoy and please pray for me for speedy full recovery.

I will try to write a story soon.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, saying good night to all at 4.35pm, signing off. Will wake up at maybe 7pm.

**********************************sign off***********************************



5 thoughts on “Still hospitalized….

  1. “A picture paints a thousand words”, and Master Fong you have weaved the words into a beautiful story of you. We like your story. We are also glad the garden picture brings green and +Qi energy to you. So we will see you up and well soon . The cuppa and real pears are waiting for you:)

  2. i may not be able to fully understand what u feel n wat u went thru…but after wat happened to me.. i dare say i am a step closer to understanding what you feel n experienced what you went thru. its no joke n for you to be strong not just for yourself but also for the pple around you, its a very tiring thing. buddies for life!!! :-)

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