Liu Hai 刘海戏金蟾

Today may be a short story as a good friend of mine, my triathlon handler, went to hospital and underwent a surgery.

Ok! Today’s story will introduce Liu Hai 刘海.

Under Yin practice, we may use Liu Hai 刘海 to enhance windfall and wealth corner. Well Liu Hai 刘海 looks like a laughing buddha but with a long straight hair as below:

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He is often seen as playing with a three legged frog. Three legged frog is an auspicious animal that spit out gold coins. One day, Liu Hai 刘海, a taoist , caught this legendary three legged frog and with this three legged frog spitting out gold, he uses the gold to scatter money and gold to the poor and thus he is also being worshipped as a God of Wealth and also known as 刘海戏金蟾 (Liu Hai playing with the golden frog).

Hence, in symbolic feng shui, Liu Hai 刘海 is being placed on the auspicious corners such as the wealth and windfall corner so that there are always this inflow scattering of wealth (“money”) into your palace (pocket).

Well, this is an introduction of Liu Hai 刘海 that most people may not have come across.

Talking about the sea, I just found out that my right leg has a cut (maybe cut by a stone when entering into the sea during the Aquathlon). As my right leg has minimum feeling, I did not feel the cut. No wonder I had not been feeling well this few days. So tomorrow will be seeing a doctor to have a look at it.

As for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, with a fishing rod to see if he can catch the legendary three legged frog, signing off.

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