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  1. During last 7th month, I met an old lady with white hair and very crumpled face at about 4am in the morning when I returned from attending a wake. She told me that she has no key to her home. I pray Om Mani Padme Hung for her and the next day, I burned her some incense paper and paper cloths. What is the significant of this? It wasn’t a dream. I was real encounter but I wasn’t afraid.

    • Hi master Fong. I really appreciate your story as I had a miscarriage many years ago when my foetus was only 2 months old. I didn’t know what to do. Now that you hv clarified, I am glad that I didn’t do anything. But I also feel so sport for the poor kids spirits who got captured and used by black magic. Can they ever be released from this suffering?

  2. Hi, do you know anything about schools for the gifted in another world? And the young adults who meetup at least once a month in different places in the other world but they are all humans except they are from different countries?

    • Hi JunnJ! Thank you for your question. I may need to clarify the following regarding your question.
      Do you mean that the Humans attending schools that are located in another world and will meet up at least once a month spiritually (in the other world) while being physically in different countries?

    • Noted your question. Will do the write up on this issue. Please allow me some time to write on this. Thanks and hope you had enjoyed my stories so far.. :-D

  3. It will be good for you to share whether burning of joss papers to the dead helps and how it works for the dead. and what’s the difference between burning for the deities and the dead.

    • Can! I will explain this subsequently. Thanks for your question :-)
      Please allow me time to do the write up. At the meantime, hope you enjoy the stories I post :-)

  4. Ccfong, could you share abit about children who 犯到阴 (offend yin force) easily? Some kids are more susceptible to it perhaps they are more sensitive? Some people said it may be carried from past true is it? And under yin fs, how could a such a child be helped?

  5. Hi Ccfong,
    Thanks for sharing and it has been very informative for me. Will you be able to share about some people able to see spirits because of the ’3rd eye’. Why are they able to see these spirits and what does it mean for them?

    Thank you for your time.

  6. Another Question: There are many rituals in Asia, in particular Chinese. Also superstitious beliefs. However, I have many Europe friends and they don’t seems to have much of the asian superstitious mind and yet, they are progresssing well. Athough more and More “Ang Mor” are subscripting to Fengshui in recent years only because many are entering the Chinese Market.

  7. Hello CC Fong,

    Can you share your thoughts and views about people talking in the sleep ? This happened to a friend who talked in his sleep and could even engage a conversation with me ( I was awake and amused !) Amused because he spoke to me assuming a different identity. For example as a 7 year old boy whose knowledge, grammar and vocab was limited to his young age . And on another occasion he spoke as a youth in his early 20′s. When I asked for his name, he rebutted why should he tell me. After much probing , he gave me his ‘name’ which I have not heard of. After some ‘chatting’ , this identity told me he died long time ago !

    This sort of sleep talk happened 3 times and each time when ‘he’ wanted to end the ‘chat’ , he would say ‘I got to go’ . After which, I tried to wake my friend up , told him what has happened and asked if he felt anything unusual. His reply was no …… ie, he didn’t have any dream and he totally has no clue what happened. He only knew he was sleeping.

    Do you have any comments on this ? Look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks !

  8. Hi Mr Fong

    What is the difference between Yin Fengshui and Yang Fengshui? This is the first time I have heard of Fengshui being categorized as Yin or Yang. Thanks!

  9. Hi,
    From reading your stories, you suggest that one has to put aside the knowledge learned from yang in order to proceed to yin practice. And so far in your stories, the theories seem to us, the yang practitioners, seem to be “untrue” and makes no logical and scientific sense such as Mind, spirits, black magic, etc. This is Chinese Metaphysics and my suggestion is that you have to get real. You may take this as a challenge. Awaiting for your answer to this.

  10. Dear master Fong,
    This is with reference to your story today on Get Real.

    Your explanation of Time is unique and make a lot of sense to me. I learnt something new today! Thank you!!!

    In fact I also agree with you that calculating Time in the Standard fashion does not answer all questions.

  11. I enjoyed ready ccfong stories and his unique way of explanation. I guess, every practitioner will have his/her unique reading, interpretation plus training. So let’s just enjoy the stories. Keep the stories coming ccfong.

  12. Hi Master Fong. Is it true that ailments, eg. an 85-yr old suddenly could not walk , or an old couple kept being on loggerheads over prolonged time be due to so-called ”dirty things” in them or in the house?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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