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Happy Monday (3rd June 2013) everybody!!!

I had done my Aquathlon on last saturday 1st June 2013 and to read more on my story on Aquathlon, please visit my the other website @ http://www.wheelchairtriathlete.com

Here, I would not tell stories on my races. For races stories, I have put them onto the wheelchairtriathlete.com website :-)

Today’s story is something different. Just want to show you something…

image041 fat boy


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at me!!! Soooooooooooo FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After my hand surgery, I did not exercise much. Eat and eat and eat until….

No good…. Blood pressure and cholesterol all shot sky high….

Well, if this goes on, ccfong.com will be gone too very soon cos of this FAT Fong Chun Cheong. So in order to let ccfong.com to continue longer……..

Fong Chun Cheong is going to do a Revolution!!!!!

Always ya ya papaya talking about entering the Yin feng shui phase, now is time for Fong Chun Cheong to enter into a diet and training program. So I will call this “A Demon Training” for 3 months see if I am able to cut down or not.

Show you my current weight and body fat mass ah…. Don’t be shocked ah…


Don’t scold me… I understand… So this FATTY Fong Chun Cheong will go into a Demonic Training for 3 months. Just like the Yin Feng Shui whereby gotta throw away the Yang knowledge, this Demonic Training will have to let me throw away all my lazy and eating of my favorite junk food away….. :-(

Needless to say, I will need this guy below to help me with the plan…

fitness instructor aqua6

My Gym and Fitness Instructor – Vincent Lee

Now that my hand has somehow “better”, no excuse for me. So I gotta make a change to live a healthy lifestyle.

Want to see me transform into a new self? Hehehehehe – no confident :-P

Ok!!!! For the sake of ccfong.com to stay longer and healthier, I will keep make this Revolution and will keep going….

run in wheelsSo happy and enjoyable Moving on!!!!!!

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, eating french fries and drinking cola and eating snacks and eating supper, signing off.

******************************sign off*********************************

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