Tomorrow is my race – Singapore Aquathlon 2013

photo-117I am all geared up!!!!!

Well, a quick story before I rest for tomorrow :-)

I am now recovering well from my right hand surgery that occurred on 4th February 2013. I am a right handed person. Imagine that for my body, my legs are not functioning properly and now plus one more hand injury and went for a surgery. Worries were that I might lose strength on my right hand.

Then was given birth.

I needed to pick myself up again. It is a battle – my battle, my fight!

Either I continue to rot and be a total useless handicapped being wheelchair and bed bounded or I train myself to be a fit person, probably fitter than prior hand surgery that me.

I chose the latter.

But I know that I am unable to do it and pick up my pieces back again alone. I need support – your moral support. I am glad that I am currently improving and my right hand is gaining back strength. I am very happy.

I hereby thank you for being with me and (both are the same body) :-P

Why Aquathlon this time?

2 sundays ago, I did my open sea 3km and tomorrow will be my Aquathlon. Aquathlon consists of 1.5km swim and a 10km “run”. I am doing all these as to train myself back again to being a wheelchair triathlete. Aquathlon does not include my hand cycling part that is the longest distance and need the most of my hands’ strength.

Well, the 3km open sea swim and tomorrow’s Aquathlon are just another training for me to train up for my triathlon and of course ultimately to lead a healthy lifestyle and be more energetic despite my disability.

I do look forward to your continuing support to You may also take a look at the as I have had just uploaded a nice traditional good wealth bowl.

Training after training after training, I am just like that in the photo below…



After a good rest, I will climb up again!!!!

So stay tuned for more interesting stories ;-)

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, cargo cargo loading, signing off and resting soon..

******************sign off************************



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