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Hi all! I would like to take a break from writing stories like yesterday’s piece on Yin Feng Shui – Hide in darkness (My 2nd experience) and now write some happy stories. Writing my life experience (especially during my downfall period) takes up a lot of my courage and will get emotional. Yeah, I admit that I did tear while writing yesterday’s story. My fingers were trembling. Took me lots of courage! But glad I was able to write it successfully.

Today’s story will be a happy one and it will be about growth. I will introduce the ornament Yin practitioner uses to enhance growth – Peanuts and however, this will be associated with Jade.

Let me explain in this story…

First I would like to introduce to you about Jade. Natural Jade has the healing energy and the prosperity energy. In other words, if you carry a raw jade (in its original default) without any empowering and crafting, the raw jade itself has the natural energy that will “heal” you and helps you to prosperous. Furthermore, it assists us to encourage self-realization (Spirituality) and jade is also believed to bring the owner of the jade a long and fruitful life (Longevity).

Well, I think you will not want to carry a raw jade… hehehe! Let me show you how a raw jade looks like…


See, So Big and heavy until I also fall down while carrying it… Exaggerating la :-P

This raw jade (stone) has to be processed and the piece of raw jade is being made into small pieces in this case, I made them into small pieces of peanuts as shown below…

photo-107 photo-108

Peanuts in Chinese are known as 花生.

花 as in 花开富贵 meaning to say the peanut give birth (生) to health, longevity, prosperity and wealth. It also signifies continuous growth and multiplication in health, wealth and spiritual and good fortune.

How to use them?

These peanuts – You have to put one peanut each on your wealth, windfall and health corner and one in your bag to make wealth and health grow and grow. However, this empowering can only last for a year. After a year, you can either buy new ones or ask the fat ccfong to help you to “recharge” – empower again.

Another use is to give the peanut(s) as a gift to someone whom you want the relationship to grow e.g. customers, suppliers, friends, relatives, loved ones, ccfong.com, etc. to continue to have support from them. This is also due to the Chinese literal meaning of 花生 – 花了又再生 in English literally translated as To spend to give birth to a continuous growth of everything good.

Well, please support support my hard work in making these peanuts from the stones :-)

Every stone is uniquely different. No stones are similar to one another cos they are individualy crafted. Not I craft one…. Hope to learn… hahaha!!!!

Buy more ah!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!! I wanna use the proceedings to get myself a racing wheelchair for my triathlon “run”. Currently, I am using my normal wheelchair. I scare spoil easily if I keep using it on my triathlon.

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, testing if these peanuts are edible, signing off…

******************sign off**********************

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