Yin Feng Shui – The Entering Phase

Sincere apologies for being medically down last week. I am feeling better and had decided to begin a new story with a new “beginning” – The Entering Phase of Yin Feng Shui.


Well, Yin is a total opposite of Yang and thus it may be a little “scary” or “satanic” to readers who have zero knowledge of feng shui practice. For readers who are currently Yang practitioners and may have no knowledge of Yin Feng Shui, please do not challenge or give any negative comments on this story as a sign of respect to the other side of the practice. For all those Yin practitioners or a full fledged (Yin and Yang) practitioners, I can foresee you reading this story with a smile – Hey, at least I document it down :-)


In conclusion, please treat this story a fiction as a whole and read it with an open mind.


Starting, Start, Started….


For the Freshman who wishes to embark into the Yin practice, they have to undergo this procedure:


He must vow to throw away all knowledge that he had acquired while he was a Yang Feng Shui practitioner. This is because the practice he is about to take on is totally contradict with what he had been an expert in the Yang practice.


Here comes the scary part:


In Yang feng shui, we may often relate ourselves to deites e.g. Guan Gong, God of Wealth, etc. and also relate ourselves to science e.g. Feng Shui is a science and we should do good deeds ah to gain good karma, etc. Feng Shui is like a “creation” – about enhancing of luck, romance, etc.


I am afraid (with confidence) to tell you that Yin is a total opposite. The Freshman will have to perform this ritual – To summon a Demon in him (心魔). Feng Shui is no longer a “creation” but rather a “destruction” – e.g. sabotaging, camouflaging, etc.


Just to ease and relax the tension of the word “Demon”, the ultimate goal of destruction (the Freshman does not know this and have to find out for himself during the journey) is to destruct the demon in him. This will make him to be the Greatest Demon of all time!!!!!!! Hooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say is always simple. If you are into this practice, it may be technically very difficult. In Chinese, we say 打败自己的心魔…. It is just a form of Demon training 魔鬼训练.


Apologies to my fellow Yin practioners or full pledged practitioners, I know I shouldn’t add humor but please do understand that as this may be the first time a yin practitioner trying to document down our practice, it may scare off readers. Imagine if all of us do not pass down our practice (according to Venn), our practice and rituals will vanish totally.


Venn did sound her worries to me. She highlighted to me that nowadays Feng Shui is picking up in the market and had made Feng Shui look so easy and simple; and anyone by attending some classes or reading books can be a Master and somemore claim themselves to be full-pledged Masters. If this is the case, the essence of Feng Shui will fade away. Needless to talk about Yin Feng Shui, the real essence will confirm fade away in no time due to our low profile of practice. In order to preserve the essence (Yin), we should DOCUMENT down our practice (Yin) from beginning to the end and let it pass down generations after generations.


Well at that point of instance when she sounded out her above worries to me, I TOTALLY cannot understand why was she so worried. I did reply to her, “No worries la!!! We still have plenty of time la. We are not only those traditional practitioners with yin knowledge. Let others write la… Somemore my English not powerful – write already also no point as no one will understand. Maybe there be readers who will write in red pen ‘SEE ME’. Next time I promise u ok? I will write next time when we are old… Now hungry ah. Go where eat ah?”


Okie. I know what you all want to do next. No worries. I do for you all now….


“HEY FONG CHUN CHEONG!!!!!!! You this lazy IRRESPONSIBLE dumb dumb fat round piece of meat. You BETTER WAKE UP YOUR IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Okie. I scolded him on your behalf. If you all want to scold him further, CAN! Just bring him out for a nice cup of coffee ah, eat D24 or Mao Shan Wang durians ah, go eat steamboat with him ah, go Universal Studio play rides ah, go catch a movie with him ah, etc. :-)


Back to my story…


The ritual after summoning the Demon in him – He has to swear upon all nature beings in this universe that as having a Demon in him, he must not destruct or misuse his knowledge against any living things whom are of disadvantage position. In other words, yin practitioners choose his opponents – probably somebody who is “stronger” (position”) than himself e.g. other yin practitioners, black magicians, etc.


Thus he must swear it by becoming a full time vegetarian. Being a vegetarian in yin context symbolizes not taking advantage of others (e.g. animals) whom are of disadvantage position and has no defense abilities against us. Thus, being a vegetarian is a form of self control and to control the inner demon in him.


Hmmm…. This MAY explain why Adolf Hitler is also a vegetarian? Just my guess. I am not him and I do not know why he chose to be a vegetarian. There are many reasons why a person wants to be a vegetarian.


The last ritual of the entering procedure is to drop a blood from his index finger and vowed to conform and abide all strict rules and ethics and code of conducts of a Yin practitioner.


This ritual is to be performed seriously and also in front of a Yin practitioner.


Well, some may ask this question – Is Yin really that powerful?


My stance in this question is to look at the Elite of a country’s Defense forces like the SEAL team, the Special Duties Unit (SDU) 飞虎队, the Intelligence Unit etc. These are based on Yin theories, technics and tactics.


I am fortunate and happy to have underwent Yin practices and these practices had molded my character of not giving up and have saved my life after I was being crippled by the accident 5 years ago. Thought of giving up at times cos scared… no no no is cos of my yin training :-)


Please do stay tuned for stories concerning Yin Feng Shui in more depth. It’s like I am a tour guide giving a tour on Yin Feng Shui.


For this period, as I am having a upcoming race on the 1st June (Aquathlon), I may have to focus on my training and may not promise that I am able to write a story everyday. By the way, if you all are welcome to support me morally on 1st June. It’s at East Coast Park. Will upload on my blog when there is more information. :-)


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, filling up an application form to enter the SEAL team, signing off. Well, dream on…………………

********************sign off************************

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