ccfong’s worst nightmare – Flu

Many apologies for the inability to write stories due to ccfong being medically down.

Flu is ccfong’s worst nightmare. After the accident 5 years ago, ccfong was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome and was operated and became lower limbs paralysis since then. Yes, he tried hard to ambulate himself using elbow crutches or walking aids – so much so that he hurt his right wrist and went for an operation earlier this year.

Normal person who gets flu bug may experience body aches especially on the backbone area. When ccfong gets a flu, if he experiences the same body aches to the backbone area where his backbone was injured, WAH!!!!!!! PAIN!!!!! And it leads to ccfong being “strengthless” and needs to rest on bed. At times, ccfong may lose the control of bowel and urine :-( so very messy :-(

No matter how, ccfong has this determination to get up again. Yes, ccfong had been weakened physically but he will be strong again just one day. He always has this spirit in him – “Never look at the things you do not have; Look at what you have”.

ccfong has his upper limbs though one strong side had been injured, but he will use his upper limbs to carry on his path – be it as a human, practitioner, storyteller, joker, etc. And he promises to share with you always on the stories on the yin side of the feng shui.

Stay tuned and enjoy!!! Stories will resume once ccfong is fully recovered from his flu. And also he will start training physically to strengthen his upper body.

Maybe I will resume the stories on Monday. Tomorrow I will rest…

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, resting, signing off.

*********************************sign off****************************************



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