Fong Chun Cheong is ill sadly announces it’s backstage crew member named Fong Chun Cheong is ill…


He is suspected of being pregnant and wants to do an abortion.

However, he is aware of the karma effect of abortion. Please treat this story as a fiction as the scale of karma is based on ccfong’s opinion. No reliance should be based on the following scale ah….

Yes abortion may be considered a murder under yin practitioner’s point of view. It’s like taking away a life. In law, murder is said to be committed upon proving 2 elements.

One element is known as Mens Rea – “The Criminal Intent”. Under yin point of view, if now that I choose to abort with no valid reason, then I have the criminal intent to take away a “life”.

The other element is known as “Actus Reus” – “The Guilty Act”. Under yin point of view, if now I go to the hospital and have my abortion done, then I have done the Guilty Act.

In conclusion, I have committed a Guilt by aborting (under yin point of view). The seriousness of Karma (according to my point of view) may be based on when the abortion is being committed with reference to my previous story “Fetus – Spiritual Point of View“. However, it may also be karma is the same for any / all stages when the abortion is done. This I admit I really don’t know.

Anyway, I had camouflage this story (karma behind abortion) behind this story (Fong Chun Cheong is ill). – An act of camouflage in yin practice.

Time to take my medication – Goodnight everyone!

Tomorrow may not have a story as I may really need a rest. My backbone is hurting me :’(

As at for now, the picture in this story is my supper, YUCKS!!!!! this is Fong Chun Cheong, signing off….

By the way, if I am really pregnant, inside my tummy should be a “Char Siew”. hehehehe. So bad, last time (probably grandparents’ time) parents always liked to scold their kids “Give birth to a Char Siew better than giving birth to you” – So unkind :-(

**************************************sign off*******************************************



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