Tri Factor Swim 3km

Happy Mother’s Day Everybody on 12th May 2013

Today, with dedication to all Mothers and also to kick myself back to training and hopefully back to doing triathlon, I did a Tri Factor Swim of 3km open water.

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Good sunny weather. I registered for this event somewhere in september 2012 when I collected my race pack for the Cold Storage Singapore Triathlon 2012.

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2 good friends, Robin and Martin accompanied me to this event.

On 4th February 2013, I had a surgery on my right wrist. I thought that was all over for my wheelchair triathlon races.

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Prayed very hard that I can train the strength of my hand back so I can return to do triathlon races.

image039 image041


Look at me now… After the few months of no and low exercise rate after my surgery, I become SOOOOOO FAT!!!!!!!!

image044 image047


Go in the sea and swim…

image062 image063 image064


Martin awaited for my return and assisted the clumsy me up and moving.

image084 image086 image088


Worst nightmare, I had to walk a small loop of sands to enter back into the sea again. Need to do 4 laps of 750m. The walking really drained me of my energy as I had great difficulty in walking on the sand – Luckily Martin was there to support me. I guessed he should be having a terrible muscle ache by now – Everywhere pain. haha :-)

image093 image094 image096Finally, after 4 laps of 750m, I have to again walk on the sand to the finishing line. Tough but together with the support of Martin and the cheers from the crowd, it motivated me to the finishing line.

image098 image100

Interviewing time!!!!!! My story pauses here for a moment and will continue again at my next race – 1st June – Singapore Aquathlon.

I would hereby thank every one of you supporting that gave me the courage to face my disability (especially after my hand surgery) and inspired me to move on.

Next, I may slowly need to go back to my usual training – lose a bit, no no no is lose many weight and I will do the Aquathlon next so to slowly train my stamina for triathlon. I may have to pause doing my hand cycle first till my hand gets better (hopefully).

In due course, I hope for your continuing support to and also so that I can have your support morally, spiritually, financially, etc. to move on in life despite my disabilities.

Thank you very much once again!!!!!!

This is Fong Chun Cheong, resting and aiming to return back to training soon, signing off.

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