Mother’s Day is coming and let’s celebrate Happy Mother’s Day together in


Though is still under maintenance – to revamp the site which I terribly have no idea how and also to submit some documents for compliance matter on online activities. :-) , today’s story will touch on the topic “Mothers” and how yin practitioners’ point of view.


Well, Yin practitioners especially myself are very respectful to Mothers. In our context, Mother is the birth of everything. If there is no Mother, there will not be the existence of everything. Even though there is Mother(s) and if there is no care from them, there may not be the existence of you and me.


Let’s start the whole story from the birth of you and me. At this material instance, mothers are the most holistic and amazing at all time! She risked her life just for the sake of giving us life. Thus, in yin fengshui context, she had entered into a 劫 (translated as “catastrophe” in English) and if she can pull through, she will be fine and if she can’t pull through, our and her lives might get into trouble.


After giving birth to us, Mothers act as our support pillar. No matter wind wind rain rain (风风雨雨) or whatever obstacles that crossed into the path, Mothers are there to fend off every odds against us and make sure that we are safe and sound. The sacrifices Mothers made for every one of us, nothing can be compared. —– > Not like my master, he first one to sacrifice me and let me knock on the wall and then say I “kayu” :( *Joking only la….


Thus, now we are all grown ups, it’s time for us to be filial and give thanks 感恩. This coming Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day, wishes all Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day and may we celebrate this special Mother’s Day everyday – Not only on Mother’s Day, i.e. Everyday is a Mother’s Day!!!!! But since it’s a Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, make it a point to bring her out for a meal. For those whose Mother had passed on, close your eyes think of your mum in your heart and says thank you. Send the appreciation through the universe. She “can” somehow sense it. Do it on this coming Mother’s Day on 1134hrs in the morning – a Venn’s Love method of connection :-)


Well, Mothers do not just refer to Mothers as per our mum. Failures are also considered as Mother in our yin practice context. Once we failed, we have to improve ourselves to be successful – Failure is the Mother of Success.


If Failure is a Mother of another Failure, then treat the first failure as your grandmother and the second failure your Mother (of success). Never give up!


Furthermore, during this Mother’s Day, please also don’t forget to give thanks to our Mother of All – Gaia! Go green!!!! Be environmental friendly!!!


Nonetheless, wishes All Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!!!! You all are the greatest!!!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, also wishing all Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day, signing off.

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