Pai sei – Still under maintenance – Story “Path”

Sincere apologies – The site is still undergoing maintenance and I need to do some trial and error..

Talking about maintenance – I remembered my younger days when I was still a “full-time” trainee under the guidance of my master.

His teachings were more towards to practicality and not so much on theory. And he simply just won’t give me the answers I wanted. Just like maintenance for the website, I need to reflect on myself in order to move forward. No guidance from him where I should start from, so I started blindly, hit on many walls and then learn and pick up skills and knowledge and wisdoms. Let’s say for illustration, I go into yin fengshui practice, unknowing I practiced mao shan or black magic, no direction was given by him and I “blur-fully” just went deep into them. Till I realize I am not in the right direction, I would just walk out of the path and try others till I find the “right” path – middle path or in other words, the balance of yin and yang. As time goes by, I appreciate his way of guiding me as it is not too much spoon feeding and I had acquired from him some way of looking at things. Help me the most after I had the accident that paralyzed me lower limbs. If not for his teachings, I might have joined Venn – But no, I will live on fruitfully and also share with you stories on the Yin practices.

Just like the way of my master’s training, I will trial and error on maintaining this website – hopefully I can find a way out. hahaha :-)

I remembered on one occasion feeling lost I asked my master a question: “Master, where exactly is the path and where should I head to?”

He simply answered; “Look under your legs, that’s your path. If you yourself do not know where you want to head to, how do you expect me being a third party know where you are heading to?”

His comments made me understand that “Path” is just under my legs – my control and the destination of the path – it can be in front, behind, left, right or maybe no need to walk -Be it any direction I walk, the earth is round, I will still walk and reach at my initial starting point.

My opinion as at now is that I have to find it myself using my own limited amount of wisdom and knowledge. And I have realized this… Detachment may be the way. If I am too “attached” to my master and his guidance, I will fail for sure and will walk to nowhere or walk like a merry go round. I am also sure that he does not want me to follow his guidances blindly.

This will lead to form or formless; direction or directionless.

I am a practitioner myself – This type of stories (future) will be based on my understanding together with Venn and by all means, treat them as fiction.

Talking about all these merry go round stuff, I still have to come back to my initial starting point – That is…. My website is still under maintenance. And please be patient and give me some time to reno and maintain this website. Pai sei Pai see – I need to do some trial and error. And I will merry go round and beat around the bush until the bush falls off and try to maintain this website to keep it going.

Really hope you all are enjoying the stories and apologies for all the merry go rounding…

Please stay tuned for more stories. Apologies that I am unable to send you email alerts as was hit by a warning – Spam from my actions of mass emailing.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, beating around the bushes, no no no, the Fong Chun Cheong will eat up the whole bushes as he is a vegetarian, signing off…

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