Today’s story will share with you all what had happened yesterday after I sent an email to subscribers an alert on the New Story – Offend Yin Force.


I received a warning from the Host of that Mass mailing is not allowed on my current shared hosting plan. The Host has received spam complaints from my actions. Apologies from


As such, has to do some maintenance on its website.


Likewise in the practice of yin, when things go against a yin practitioner, he / she must absorb it using a soft approach, afterwhich either return back with a hard force (normally not recommended) or use the absorption to strengthen his own defence. So, gotta do some maintenance on his website. Gotta go library to borrow books as guidance.


May need a favor from you. If you are interested to receiving email alerts on new stories being uploaded, please do send an email to this address: and subject you may put it as “interested” :-)


While is doing a maintenance on its website / blog, you may also do some maintenance on the understanding of the stories by reading through all the stories so far till date and try to link up the stories and have a understanding of the yin practice and its point of view. If in any event you have any questions arising from re-reading those stories, please feel free to post me a question and I will try my best to address them using a story.


Furhermore, or rather Fong Chun Cheong is also doing some maintenance on his hand too as he wants to train himself back to the wheelchair triathlete. Will go slow and steady.


Upcoming events that I am participating are Tri-Factor swim 3km open sea on 12th May this coming Sunday and Aquathlon (1.5km swim – 10km “run”) on 1st June 2013. If you want to be there and support a big fat handicapped person trying to balance himself and complete the race, please let me know.


Really appreciate all your support to and pledges to write stories (I will always try to update a new story everyday except weekends and public holidays).


Please keep the stories as fictional and read them just for leisure – understanding how a yin practitioner works :-)


Also, please do give me a few days of time to do some maintenance on this website and also start to scold me to train up physically as I am stealing lazy 偷懒. Hehehehehehehehehehe ;-P


Please stay tuned for more interesting stories. If possible, may need to trouble you to send a email to and says interested and I will send you a email alert whenever a new story is uploaded. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, gearing up to go library and to train up, signing off….

*******************sign off*******************



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