The science of Yin perspective – An introduction..

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What time is it?

It’s story time!!!!

So what is time??????????

This story is introducing the yin perspective of time and also space.

Just a note: This story is based on yin practitioners’ view(s) on the topic “Time” and subsequently “Space”. is not attempting to define time in any way. If somehow you get blur, it’s ok – only an introduction.

Here it goes:

Well, I have watched Inception and in yin practitioner’s point of view, this may be a fiction. However, I will explain more on “Dreams” in subsequent stories. The show “Matrix” may be somehow close to what yin practitioner’s perception of time and space.

Let me bring you back to the story “Let’s get real” – there is a question “Unlike usual delivery in local Singapore hospital, this baby is being delivered in a flight halfway from America to Singapore. So what is the TIME of this baby’s birth data?”

Seriously, I do not know the answer. So this is how I was convinced to put all theories of Yang fengshui one side and proceed to understudy yin fengshui. Bazi, purple star astrology, etc. are originated from China 3,500 years ago – So does this method applies to foreign countries like Europe, America, etc.? Lets say at this very instance, a person is born in America but after which he stays in Singapore for the rest of his life. So which birth data should we use? Singapore date and time or America date and time.

Of course, it may be counter-argue that “space” plays an important role. As we are in different “space”, so our time is different. Well, at this very instance, are we not in the same space on earth? So space is constant and why time is not constant?

So what is time now?

In yin concept, time is an illusion…..

It works like a “Matrix” i.e. At this instance while I am typing this story, I do only have access to the environment around me. Let’s say if I want to meet you for a cup of coffee, then we will imagine a place and a time to meet – Once confirmed, we will get into a place and time where our Mind meets. So is this place real or just our imagination (illusion) that create this space / place? Will describe more about time in detail in upcoming stories.

Another simple example is our eyes see things and our conscious mind sense, interpret and then term it. But are we seeing things with the same sense and feeling as one another? Well, let’s say we look at green colour. The feeling and perception you look at the colour may not be the same as your friend views it. Probably your friend may view green as if the same feeling and perception you view brown. So when we are young, our parents or teachers hold up a coloured card and term this colour green and then we term this particular kind of perception as colour green. That’s why we have different taste of fashion

Hence in yin perceptive, this world is created out of illusion and the meeting of minds. With the meeting (collection) of mind power from every individual, this “thing” (e.g. space, time, world, buildings, etc.) materialized.

Thus, people generally believe what they can see (where most minds meet). Normally, yang practice is a majority group and they practice what they can see.

So now you can somehow imagine that if a person goes into yin practice (minority group), it would means that this particular person is breaking from the norm and enter into “another point of view / perspective”. So this person sees other “things” (maybe ghosts, theory of time, energies, etc.) and feeling excited, this person tells others (in the yang) what he sees. Of course, he will get sarcastic remarks like “you are crazy”, “I don’t believe”, etc. and ultimately, “PLEASE GET REAL!!!!” hehe ;-)

Normally the Yin will tell the Yang, if you believe in what you can see – this is boundary. Universe and space is a place with no boundaries. The thing you see may not be real too.

Let me give you a scenario. At night, you look up the sky… Wow!!! Many many many stars shining like crystals. At this instance when you look at the particular star, is this real at the current time or does this star exists at the same “time” (instance) you look at it? Answer is no. The star may have already disappeared in this universe. The particular star you are looking at existed many many many thousands years ago. The image of this particular took many light years before it reaches our eyes. This explains how conscious mind works – If you can “throw” your conscious mind faster than the speed of light, you can see a lot of past events like a video recorder – Only thing that the images maybe upside down or mirror imaged. Thus you need to train your mind to focus these images. More will be described in future stories. So stay tuned….

If you know about magic, magic works on the theory illusion and deceived our eyes.  Similarly in Yin world of perception, things are viewed as illusion; thus magic can also be done – e.g. Black Magic.

Remember always this theory, yin is always the opposite of yang. A fengshui practitioner must understand both these theories and there is only one version of fengshui – the yin and yang.

Have a happy weekend… And below let me show you an illusion: (Click on the link to view)


As for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, still alive, signing off….

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