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Today’s story is to address a question that had just posted on “post a question” today 30th April 2013 at 7.44pm by Yang. I feel that this should be addressed immediately. As such, I apologise to Christina, Anonymous and KJ for delaying my answers to their question.


And I quote his question:


From reading your stories, you suggest that one has to put aside the knowledge learned from yang in order to proceed to yin practice. And so far in your stories, the theories seem to us, the yang practitioners, seem to be “untrue” and makes no logical and scientific sense such as Mind, spirits, black magic, etc. This is Chinese Metaphysics and my suggestion is that you have to get real. You may take this as a challenge. Awaiting for your answer to this.


I thank you, Yang, for your question. And from your question, I presume that you are a yang practitioner reading my stories about yin practices.


In the first instance, it seems in your comment that your angle of views on Fengshui, Geomancy, Astrology, Chinese Metaphysics, etc to be more tilted to PHYSICAL ie objects you can see and touch and somehow science can be proven in these PHYSICAL aspect.


Enough of me saying that geomancy, fengshui, etc. is an art of balancing energies and energies can’t be seen and thus you cannot deny things that you cannot see e.g. spirits, black magic, etc. I am not going to say this..


Want me to get real? Can, anytime. However, after this, no offence to be taken between both sides ah.. This ccfong.com is created just to document down what our theories and practices regarding Yin practitioners. It is not meant to arise arguments or heated debates, etc. So after this, please private message me your contacts so we can “go outside and drink tea”. However, if you are located in a country very far from mine, then we drink cybercoffee. ;-)


Jokes aside – This is just to loosen our tension. And now I proceed to answer your question.


Yang practitioners like yourself and myself (who used to be one) may have the impression that our yang theories are based on a factual and real analysis – eg. bazi, zi wei dou su, qi meng tun jiao, etc. And if you read a person’s destiny chart using all the three methods, they seem to come out with the same analysis, sing the same song and because they sing the same song and majority of practitioners are yang side so they presume the theories are right and real.


Well, no offence taken, yin practitioners, like myself, will ask a question: What if all these theories are based on an ‘illusion’ concept and instead it is also unreal like how Yang (in post a question) commented on us, the yin practitioners.


First of all, fengshui originated in China many many many years ago – Maybe around 3,500 years ago. How do they measure time? Or do they measure time like us e.g. now is 30th April 2013 2345hrs.


Yes, when we look at the year of our fengshui origins, lets say 3,500 years  ago, now we are in 2013 A.C., hence we measure them as 1487B.C. – They wouldn’t use timing like 30th April 1487B.C. 2345hrs.


Now is the get real part:


Yang practitioners read destiny chart using birth data right? In birth data, there is this element known as “time” hor? Be it the date is in lunar or normal calendar.


Now then my question to Yang practitioners is same as KJ’s question on the story “elephant – symbol of triumph” – What is time?


If you say that your theories (e.g. bazi) originated from 3500 years ago, with your current knowledge and skills, if I have to give you a time machine and send you back to 3500 years ago, are you still able to read (with your current yang fengshui methodologies) the life destiny chart of the people then in 1487 B.C.?


Time maybe “a measurement of duration of events and the intervals between them”.


Since you (Yang in “post a question”) want to get real, please do explain what is TIME – Is it real or just an illusion?


If you can’t answer, please sit back, relax and enjoy the future stories I am going to document down.


If you can answer what is TIME, I will recommend you to be the next Noble prize award winner ;-)


Still want another example about time? Can..


Lets say at this point in time or at this very instance when you reading this, a Singaporean baby child is born. Unlike usual delivery in local Singapore hospital, this baby is being delivered in a flight halfway from America to Singapore. So what is the TIME of this baby’s birth data?


Thus, is time real or just an illusion?


In other words, are the methodologies that are based on birth data real or just an illusion way of calculation?


Get real also, Mr Yang. Chinese Metaphysics or Metaphysics do deal with time and space. No worries, ccfong.com will slowly explain time and space when time comes. I admit that it is complicated but I will address it using the yin way of looking at it.


Can somehow digest the fact that when proceed to Yin practice, you may have to put your yang practice aside? Is to look at theories in a broader manner and not in a restrictive manner – thus this will lead to third eye opening and many more – to increase one’s wisdom too.


Normally fengshui practices must combine both yin and yang. It is always advisable not to attach to any side for too long. Touch and go, then in the end – the yin and yang fengshui.


At ccfong.com, I will be focusing on yin practices as there aren’t much exposure or documentation of yin practices.  Just documenting mine and Venn’s knowledge regarding yin practice. :-)


Please stay tuned for more stories. :-)


By the way, yin practitioners view time in a MATRIX point of view. Will document this story in the future.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, trying to figure out what is real and unreal, signing off… And wishes everyone a Happy Labour Day. Enjoy your holiday and there is also no story updates on Public Holiday ;-) Please also support support ccfong.com!!!!!

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