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For the subscribers who had just received an email earlier this afternoon, it is to brighten up your Monday and also a short introduction to today’s story: “Empowered by ccfong.com”.. Well this story is not for advertising fengshuiweapons.com but instead to let you have a idea of what is the meaning of empowering / blessing. :-)


Today’s story will touch on the meaning of “Empowered by ccfong.com” (the meaning of amulets / ornaments being “blessed”)  and why I always write this when mailing items from fengshuiweapons.com to you.


Well, yin practitioners or any priests (“They”) are neither superman nor superheroes and they aren’t any of them. They play with energies around them and use them either to enhance (can be blessing on the amulets / ornament to attract more wealth) or to protect (can be blessing on amulets / ornament to prevent negative energy from hurting you).


Enhancing ornament

Ornaments by itself have their symbolical meaning. Let’s say we take an example of a Bull Run, just the ornament of the Bull Run itself represents profitability in all your investments. Enhancing the ornament thus means that practitioners or priests will accumulate energies from the surrounding (universe) and somehow install (also known as “blessing”) the required energies into the ornament to make it “alive”. Thus, an ornament with enhancement (empowered) theoretically works better than those without enhancement because the ornament is alive – as if the Bull is really running.



Likewise, a symbol of lets take the example the protection amulet – 钟馗 that is in fengshuiweapons.com. This amulet by default with the design in it may mean that it is “protecting” the person carrying it. Well, look at it this way: if you are really being attacked spiritually, symbolic meaning of the amulet can’t do much. Thus practitioners or priests will like to practice installing energies into this amulet as a first layer of defense. Yes, an amulet cannot hold a big amount of energy that can fight the spiritual attacks but at least it can block it first and somehow these energies may “alert” you that you are being attacked spiritually (ie. you sense something not right) so that you can quickly get aid from experts. So this is how protection amulets with empowering work. Unlike the “blessing – enhancing ornament”, these protection energies will slowly wade off from the amulet. So practitioners will always recommend a yearly change in amulet with a newly protected amulet.


Well there is another type of empowering: Empowering the Statue of Deity (“开光”) and what this really means. This one also a long story and will be discussed in future stories – please stay tuned for more stories.


Materials do make an impact in holding the energies either as enhancement or protection. We can maybe address it as the conductor of energy. Poor conductors of energy are plastic, cloth, fabric, etc. Good conductors of energy are gold, liu li (“琉璃”), crystals, jade, etc.


Hopefully with this story, you can understand the meaning of empowering amulets and ornaments :-) And also appreciate the items you may have bought from either ccfong.com or fengshuiweapons.com Hahahahaha ;-)


Next, I will write a story to address Christina’s question on Post a Question on April 25 5.38pm and the story will subsequently then lead to another question by KJ on April 29 at 8.27am in the story “Elephant – Symbol of Triumph” regarding Time.


Stay tuned :-)


As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, enhancing his pillow – Aiyah fabric is a poor conductor of energy, signing off…

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