Elephant – Symbol of Triumph – Half story Half advertisement

Yin practitioners adopt Elephant as their pet as a symbolic meaning of Triumph.

Elephant with its trunk swing upwards means a sense of victory. Furthermore a warrior / general likes to be seen as riding on a battle elephant as a symbol of bravery and triumph.

photo-45Key-chained Elephant

The above key-chained Elephant is the symbol of triumph and victory – It can be carried together with you if you need to “win” in any situation – for example, if you go for an interview, firefighting, meeting, teaching, management, drafting contracts, etc.

Putting by your side – example in bag, pocket, etc. represents that you are a General in control of a situation and able to manage it well and be triumph :-)

Why key chained?

Well, if you ever visit a zoo and look at those tamed elephants, the legs (sometimes one leg) of the elephants are being chained. This is to somehow “tell” the elephants that they are “under control” so that they will do as per instructed by their owner. Likewise, you can somehow “instruct” the key-chained elephant to “fight” for you over any situation and to be triumph.

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    I am rather curious on your view of time. Is time an absolute measure of how nature moves or a relative measure of how entities perceive their environment?

    In short, what is time?

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