Biological Mind?

Exactly 5 years ago – 26 April 2008, I had my accident.

This story will describe whether is there such thing as Biological Mind and my experience of it.

Well, I developed Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) after the accident. What happened was I had uncontrolled flashbacks of the accident in my mind during the day time and when I sleep at night, I would have nightmares of myself going through the accident again. Of course, I would wheel myself out of the room to find the nurses and cried in front of them.

Even till date, I admit that I am still having phobia when I see a bus and every time if I come across any accident scene, I feel scare. Furthermore, I do not wish to think about my accident again as I still fear.

Yes, I have somehow get over with this PTSD but how come I am still having fear?

Well, I did a research on my own mind and here is my result and opinion:

You may now know briefly what is subconscious, conscious mind and sixth sense. This phobia or fear that I am having, which mind category does it falls? I concluded neither. So I presume is my body that is giving me the fear. In other words, as my body felt pain from the trauma so my body will somehow send signals to my conscious mind clouding my conscious mind with the images of my accident scene. Hence, I have uncontrolled flashbacks of my accident. So my body sending signals to my conscious mind, I will name this process as Biological Mind.

Hence if this biological mind really exists, then the ranking of the mind will be as follows:

  1. Biological Mind
  2. Conscious Mind
  3. Sixth sense
  4. Subconscious Mind

Being Biological Mind being more sensitive and subconscious mind being less sensitive – In other words, we are very sensitive to Biological Mind and less sensitive to Subconscious Mind. That’s why when a person undergoes PTSD, he finds it very difficult to overcome it and his conscious mind being the 2nd in ranking (sensitivity) must be very strong to overcome or overrule the Biological Mind. It is very depressing when the Biological Mind overrule the conscious mind – PTSD.

Well, trouble may come if Biological Mind gets its way to the Subconscious Mind – meaning to say that the Subconscious Mind store the memory from the Biological mind  (regarding PTSD) in it’s storage. Let’s take an example, if a boy or even an adult is very scared of water and does not dare to swim, the reason may be due to he had a very bad experience (trauma) regarding water – Some may say that he might had been drowned before in the “previous life” and subconscious mind had registered this PTSD in its storage.

Want to have another example of Biological Mind overruling the Conscious mind and successfully send the signals to the subconscious mind?

Well, treat this as a fiction or a myth. Heard of a person who committed suicide by jumping off the building and subsequently, the same person who is dead now being a spirit repeats the jumping process and repeats it all the time?

Well the reason to this myth is because the Biological mind tells the Mind (as a whole) that he wants to die and somehow the subconscious mind registered it.

Lets say he jumped off from 20th storey. Halfway through, he had already “knocked off” (could be by the G-Force) – meaning to say that the spirit had already left the body. So the body will land onto the ground first then the spirit. Now the Mind is on the spirit not the Body. So the biological mind (or the subconscious mind after registering the information from the Biological Mind into the storage) will tell the spirit that he haven’t die and needs to die again by jumping down. So the spirit will find its way up and jump again and this process repeats itself.

So biological mind works this way…. This is my humble opinion or story.

5 years had passed very fast. I hereby wish to thank everybody for playing a part to let me “stand up” again and gain the confidence for my conscious mind to overrule the biological mind (that sends PTSD flashbacks to my conscious mind). Without your help, I may still be under the influence of the flashbacks and nightmares. It is not easy but I managed it. Thank you very much ;-)

Today is a Friday. Saturday and Sunday there may be no stories, as I need to take a break on weekends :-) See you all again on Monday!

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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, kicking off the PTSD, signing off….

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