Superstition of a Story Teller

Why does always request for a token or Ang Pow whenever he writes stories especially when he writes on spiritual matters?

Yes! This is superstition.

Here is the explanation of the superstition..

Normal law of nature is physical and spiritual have always this separation between them whereby physical form cannot “communicate” (with conscious mind – the 5 senses) with the spiritual form and vice versa.

Thus, has been writing stories on the spiritual area, topics, stories, explanations, etc. Some of them can be true. If that “some of them” are true, this had somehow created a bridge between the physical form and the spiritual form.

Nothing harmful will occur. No worries. But has this superstition that may have somehow offended the law of nature. No worries again, followed the guidelines strictly on what can be said or what cannot be said.

However, may want some sort of a form of assurance. is a story telling website which considers them to be of fiction and stories.

Traditionally, Story tellers earn an income by telling stories of his expertise and after his story telling, story teller will go around or pass around a tin can and story listeners can put any amount of monetary values (consideration) as a form of token to applaud the story teller.

This kind of action would confirm a storyteller and listener relationship. Thus it forms some kind of mutual trust that listeners understand that story telling is a leisure and entertainment and hence should any story teller offend any law of nature (especially when they touch on sensitive spiritual, paranormal, sixth sense, etc.), he will be pardoned. In other words, he can use story telling as a defense. Hahahahahahahaha!!!

As such, is very very very very  superstitious one. :-)

Let’s keep our relationships in as story telling sessions and after each story telling, I appreciate very much if you can throw any amount such as $2 or more into my “tin”.

Once again, I thank you all sincerely in spending time to read my stories.

As at now, I would recommend that you re-read again on the stories till now. The coming stories may need the knowledge of these stories till date.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

To support and to let him buy coffee and write and write stories with confidence that he does not offend any nature (Superstitious), please support him below.

Many many thanks!!!

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, gearing up to write more stories, signing off…

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