Subconscious Mind at work

Apologies for yesterday as I was having a terrible stomach upset. Am feeling much better now. And I can write stories :-)


Today’s story will illustrate a simple example on how subconscious mind works.


Heard of sleep walking and sleep talking?


Sleep walking may be a sleep disorder – parasomnia. What happened for sleep walkers is that they may rise from the bed with a minimum conscious and perform normal activities that are performed by normal person like you and me, e.g. cooking, walking, driving and even homicide :’(


Sleep talking may also be a sleep disorder – parasomnia. Sleep talkers may make a loud noise or a speech ranging from some simple sounds to striking a conversation with anyone beside. At the same time, I am also answering to CWT’s question on the Post a Question on 19th April on 11:33pm.


Well, there are many explanations to this phenomenon of sleep walking and talking. In Yin fengshui practice, we have two possibilities for this phenomenon.


One is kanna possessed by some thing spiritual. As this story focus on Subconscious mind, I will not talk about the spiritual aspect with regards to this phenomenon. As such, you may also refer to the story “Mediums – Deity up the body” – The explanation is similar to the story :-)


Another reason is that the Subconscious mind is at work.


Well, let me explain this step by step.


Let’s use me as an example. When I sleep, my conscious mind (the 5 senses) is at a rest stage. My conscious mind at this current stage can be described as hibernating or at a shut down phase like my computer. Thus my conscious mind has no control over my body till I wake up.


Recall that subconscious mind is a memory or data storage place. What we can control normally is our conscious mind and not (at most time) our subconscious mind. Now that my conscious mind is asleep, if my subconscious mind is still active, my subconscious mind will take control of my body.


Once my subconscious mind takes over my body, I can either be seen as waking up, began to walk without assistance (I hope and hope and hope and hope….) and begin to wander around, drive my car to your house and press your door bell, etc. Because the process of walking, driving a car to your house and press your door bell are all recorded in my subconscious mind, I, now being a sleep walker, will repeat this motion and get to your house. So next time at the middle of the night, if I press ding dong on your door, don’t ignore me ah…. :-)


Well here comes the amazing part, if I sleep talk and strike a conversation with you (if you are beside me). If my subconscious mind is at work, it all depends on which part of my subconscious mind is working. Here part of my subconscious mind refers to which stage of my life I been through. It can also be my last life or lives.


Say if the stage of my subconscious is when I am doing a fengshui in Client A’s house, you will hear me telling you this is a wealth corner and I may also spell the letter wealth to you.


If the stage of my subconscious mind is when I am a baby, I will talk to you in my baby language and you won’t be understanding what I am talking. More interestingly if ever my subconscious mind is when I am in my past life, I may converse with you regarding my past life or things happening to me. If I ever do that, please use a tape recorder and tape down what I said..


Well, I may think that hypnosis works this way. P.S. This is only my opinion and guess as I am not a medically trained personnel and I only have a superficial knowledge on hypnosis.


Now, if I wake up from this sleep talking or walking, my conscious mind will take over the body and I have no clue on what my conversation with you when I sleep talk. And if I ever wake up seeing myself lying in your house sofa (from sleepwalking), I will report to the police of kidnapping and claim that you carry me from my house to your house if any police ever believe this claim. Hehehehehehehehehehe………


If you ever know or even your sleeping partner is a sleep walker or talker, please use a video to tape it and show it to your partner. This can be a remedy to decrease the chances of next sleep walking or talking. If you want to know more of your partner’s secrets, when he sleep walk or talk, then don’t use this remedy but instead try to strike a conversation with your partner. Haha! IF the sleep walking or talking is not due to the subconscious mind at work but instead is a spirit goes up his body, first I will say good luck to you and then if possible try to get from it a 4D number and then share with me. Ok? On, SET!!!!!!!!!!


Well, I do hope that by now, you can roughly understand what is a conscious and subconscious mind. Next I can really write more stories such as sixth sense, another spirit trying to communicate with you in your dreams, etc.


Please stay tuned :-)


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, SLEEP TYPING, signing off…

********************Sleeping Signing off********************



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