Conscious and Subconscious Mind – My own case

Today I will further illustrate subconscious and conscious mind using Fong Chun Cheong as a life example.

Well, as you have known, this Fat Fong Chun Cheong had an accident 5 years ago and left him disabled or I should say “This Abled” in his current state. Well I have to draw you back to a few years back in time.

Not only I have physical injuries, I did suffer a period of retrograde amnesia. In other words, I cannot recall what I did in the past before the accident. This might be due to Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) or the medication I took, etc.

However, according to Psychic, this is known as the link between the conscious and subconscious mind had been shaken or broken. Yes, I had been given treatment for this PTSD or retrograde amnesia by medical professionals. Furthermore, a psychic who wants to be known as “Tiffany” came to assist me.

She first explained to me about Mind and even told me that it was me who had enlightened her on this Mind topic before my accident. So she somehow taught me the methods I taught her many years ago.

To refresh our memories, subconscious mind is like data storage while conscious mind is like a “senses” mind for us to control – throw and retrieve. In other words, if you have a cut on your leg, you will throw your conscious mind to the cut and retrieve your conscious mind back to your brain and feel pain.

Tiffany guided me to exercise my conscious mind – first to feel – feel the feelings of love, hatred, happy, sad, pain, etc. This is to let me be alert of my conscious mind and not to be affected by the trauma (eg. nightmares, flashbacks, etc.) The other purpose of this is to let my conscious mind take control of myself – my life.

After which, she guided me in “throwing conscious mind” – Try to read other people’s mind – most of the time her mind. This is to train up the accuracy of my conscious mind reading subconscious mind.

After which, she guided me in the “throwing of conscious mind in speed with reference to the speed of light”. This reason I will explain to you in the next story. Stay tuned ah….. :-P

Finally after the exercising of my conscious mind, she guided me to throw my conscious mind back to subconscious mind and to relieve data – memories – be it this life, last life, donkey life, monkey life, etc.

With this throwing my conscious mind back to my subconscious mind exercise, the link between these 2 components of mind had somehow become stable. So I can somehow recall my memories like before. Hopefully, what I can recall is true and not my imagination. Hahahaha!!!

Of course, I am happy to find out that even though for a period I might have lost memories of you, but you were there and till now you are still here as my support, my friend. I truly appreciate it :-D

Then I tried Mind over Body – to become a wheelchair triathlete. This Mind referred here is conscious mind.

Mind over Body – When your body asks you to give up, you throw your mind to somewhere else to get distracted from your body’s scream of giving up. Sometimes, you may throw your conscious mind to your subconscious mind to get distracted. An example is you sing song during the triathlon. This is to throw your conscious mind back to your subconscious mind to retrieve data of songs and you sing. This is to distract yourself from your body’s signals of giving up. There are many methods too beside singing songs. But sing song is what I did during my race.

No matter how things are going against you, never give up! :-) And is always there as a pillar of support and strength like how you have supported me. Truly appreciate it :-)

Hopefully, with today and yesterday’s stories you have an idea of what a conscious and subconscious mind is.

Today’s story is inspired by Pauline Ng.

Please stay tuned for all in depth stories on Minds :-)

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, using his conscious mind, signing off.

*****************sign off*******************



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