During weekends, stories will be something like half story and half advertisement.


Today, the story talks about another animal that Yin Feng shui adopts. It is known as Pi Xiu – 貔貅


Pi Xiu is a Chinese legendary creature which has a voracious appetite (craving for large quantity) of wealth – money, gold, windfall luck, etc.; health; peace and harmony; relationship and harvesting.


Normally a pair of Pixiu is to be placed on the two corners of door / front window as a form of protection of the house and also to draw wealth energies (财气) from all directions – North, East, South and West.


Nowadays, Pixiu had come in handy sizes (as shown in the picture below) so you can keep them in your bags, pockets, underwear, etc. and keep yourself protected (from “evil spirits”) and at the same time draw all kinds of energies to you.


These handy Pixiu comes in various colours as follows:


“Pink” – For health and relationship purposes. Good for sales people

“Yellow” – For wealth income purposes. Good for working class people.

“Green” – For growth purposes. Good for businessman.

“Purple” – For windfall income purposes. Good for investors, people like me who buys lotteries :-) , and risk takers.

“Earth” – For stability purposes. Good for students.

“White” – For protection purposes.


Now it comes in Jade form.


In Chinese culture, Jade is intrinsically valuable. Thus a handy Jade Pixiu has all the functions as stated in the colours above. Better still if it is empowered by ccfong.com :-)


Recommended to adopt a Jade Pixiu for yourselves and loved ones.


Wanna adopt one from ccfong.com? Can… I have some Jade Pixiu for adoption at a reasonable price of $68/= per Pixiu (normal retail price is going at $288/=). If interested, we can meet up and show you a few pieces. If you like any piece, then adopt. If don’t want, you pay for my coffee :-P hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! This type of ornament you have to feel that  you like it very much then adopt. It is about 缘份 :-)


I have sets as below going at $188/= per set (retailing at $488/= per set). It represents the colours as above together with Authority. Authority = you have power and a say in doing things = command a respect.


Ok. Today is Sunday night and tomorrow will be back to normal stories. Up next will be Deities up the human body. To answer a question by YSB on 28 March 2013 on “Post a question” on “乩童 – how real or how true is when a diety uses a human body to communicate with his followers. How does this work?”


Please stay tuned….


As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, caregiver of the Pixiu, signing off….

***************sign off****************


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  1. Hi Shi Fu, what is the difference between Pi Xiu and Tian Lu? I bought one Tian Lu on impulsed recommended by my friend. As a Buddhist, I begin to have doubt and some sort regret buying it. How can i be talking to it , sounds silly and thus I did not carry it with me anymore and as advised, once reached home have to place it facing the window and must remember its “birth date – the day i bought it”.(Better still facing a bank…my hse is facing diagonally opp Nex shopping centre & there is a bank UOB….hehe) Now it is sitting on “Cai Wei” in my home (at time feel bad when looking at it…just like ignoring a friend la….haha. ” Mixed feeling –Contradicting”??? Kindly advise, thank you.

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