the pedi and manicurist

3e66b3a465ea4e6ab19ce1573d904ba5Vampire ccfong just woke up

97c52341cb05048127e5590a410dd44cShock of his life.. Why fingernails like that?



Faster go beautify his vampire fingernails…..

4b22a5804e6a510d6cd5c85d77b19a2dVampire ccfong is happy!!! Fingernails well done!!!!!!


POLISH the nails room – My choice. Also Vampire ccfong’s choice.

For more information, please contact POLISH at Square 2, 10 Sinaran drive #04-06 Singapore 307506 (Above Novena MRT) tel: 6397 6597.

Flash this advertisement to them before any treatment to enjoy a special discount of 10% on the ala carte treatments. Terms and conditions apply :-)

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