Zero and infinity

Today’s story is written for the purpose of motivating a young practitioner who I met today and she had undergone a “beating” by another practitioner.


The facts of her case are as follows:


She is a young practitioner and helped her client to set up the feng shui of a shop. Few days ago her client asked her to go to the shop and do a review. Without her knowledge, her client asked another feng shui practitioner who is more senior than her in terms of age. Then she suffered a BIG scolding by this proud feng shui practitioner.


Feeling betrayed and lousy, she approached me requesting me to take revenge on that proud feng shui practitioner. She also confided in me that she wanted to quit being a practitioner.


Of course, I rejected her request of revenge and advised her not to move on. Revenge is not the way of a practitioner. Accepting the fact humbly and move on is the way. Always improving oneself and not to be attached to a method is the way to go in being a practitioner.


Fengshui is like this – it is unlike medical school whereby you can specialize in one area of expertise eg. orthopedic, urology, neurology, etc. In fengshui practice, if you are too attached in a specialized area eg. flying star, purple star, bazhi, eight mansion, etc., you are always stuck and can’t move forward. In Fengshui, it is more a touch and go kind of way. In other words, know the theories behind every method and once you know of the method, move on, do not be too specialized in the method.


It’s like Mathematics. If you are too specialized in additional method, you will not know anything about subtractions, multiplication and division. You must be all rounder in Mathematics and its methods – algebra, models, simultaneous equations, etc. before you can be a true Mathematics expert.


Fengshui works the same as Mathematics. You must be an all rounder before you can be an expert. However when being an expert in fengshui, you must be detached from fengshui – This is the way of a practitioner – never be too attached. Remember: Flow like a water. Always remember how the tai chi diagram is drawn. Never be too attached.


Hence my dear sister, cool down – Let the other feng shui practitioner scolds you on your understanding of flying star. If you want to quit, Can! Quit the flying star method and proceed on to another method. Then quit the method and proceed on to another method till you are all rounder. After yang then proceed on to yin; After yin then proceed on to both yin and yang; After yin and yang then let go of everything :-D Remember of this formula – When any numbers divided by a zero, it gives u infinity. Zero and infinity. By then, you will understand the meaning of them and their inter-relation :-D


I had promised to share with you my personal story. Will share it now… So promised me that you will move on.


I had been crippled in an accident 5 years ago. Then recently, as I overused my right hand over the years that caused me to have further injury and undergone a surgery. If you look at me now, I am crippled waist down and also “crippled” on my stronger dominant hand.


For 5 years, I have to bear the consequences that are not my fault.


In addition to this, I had to go through all kinds of negative remarks by any other ordinary people. Example of remarks are “What kind of a fengshui master are you?”; “Can’t even protect yourself”; “Hello, your house no fengshui ah?”; “Your ancestor’s graveyard something wrong ah?”; etc.


Yes, I had fallen. If I am too attached to myself being fallen, I will become very self-pitiful and I will become another burden in this society. Detached from the fallen, start from ground zero, I have to climb back up from the fall. When there is zero, there will be a infinite possibilities. (Zero and infinity inter-relation).


Well, I am still climbing and slowly recovering from the fall.


I have created a symbol of for you and readers. It is a battery symbol as below:


I do hope, starting from ground zero, write stories to empower readers with more knowledge and fun in return for their support financially to to empower Fong Chun Cheong’s recovery so he can further write stories in to write stories to empower readers with more knowledge and fun in return for their support financially to to empower Fong Chun Cheong’s recovery so he can further write stories in to……………. Goes on and on.


From ground zero to infinity. Just an example :-D needs your support to charge the battery of


Next, I will be writing stories about third eyes part 2, sixth sense, and many more. Please stay “tuned” :-D


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, climbing from the fall, signing off.

***************sign off****************



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  1. Your battery symbol also look like a sweet wrapper! Yums!

    Btw, flying star feng shui theory is all messed up n unreliable. Only good for selling books!

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