Myth – Bridge

“In order to strengthen the structure of a bridge (inclusive of highways, etc.), dead children bodies have to be buried mixed with the cements while constructing the bridge.”


Heard of this myth before? When you are a young child, did your grandmother ever warn you not to follow strangers, not to be alone in streets, etc.? Well, my grandmother did warn me this. Reason behind was due to this myth.


Whether this myth is a true fact or fiction (myth) doesn’t concern this story. This story is to explain the theory behind this myth under Yin fengshui point of view.


Heard of 树精 (“Tree spirit” or “ Tree Pontinak”)?


It works this way – If a tree is possessed by a spirit, it is called 树精. Such trees if the authorities want to chop them off, it is impossible to chop them down.


Why does spirit like to possess to a tree? Well, spirits are just like any one of us, they want a home – a belonging. Majority of spirits like to reside in houses (can be yours or mine), hotels, hospitals, furniture stores, etc. and minority may like to “reside” in trees – as such these spirits “possesses” the tree. Hence when a person wants to cut down a “possessed” tree, the tree would be a strong one and difficult to be cut down. This is due to the spirit “attaching” onto the tree.


Same theory applies to the bridge. Mixing dead child’s body or fetus into the cement to build bridges is equivalent to forcefully insert the spirit of the child to “possess” the bridge thus strengthening the structure of the bridge and will not be easily “broken”.


If this myth is true, this method of mixing the child’s body into the cement is despicable. The spirit of the child will somehow be stuck in the bridge. Yin fengshui practitioners, priests, etc. may have trouble “saving” (pulling out) the spirit of the child unless the bridge is being tore down. Don’t forget – as the bridge is now being “possessed” by the spirit and thus it will be difficult to be tore down.


If this myth is true and being practiced by anyone, I will use black, white, orange, purple, red, blue magic to whack him upside down. As at moment till date, I have not met anyone who did this method – Thus to me, it remains as a myth…


In this story, mixing of child’s body with cement is a myth but spirits possessing on trees are “real”……


In the next few stories, I will write about spirits haunting in a premise, possessing human bodies, etc. and how a yin fengshui practitioner deals with all these spiritual activities. Please stay tuned for more…


As at now, this is Fong Chun Cheong (having pain on my operated right hand) signing off….. Apologies for a short story today as I am having discomfort and pain on my hand. Tomorrow I will see my doctor to see how is he. *smile

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