Bats – Story plus advertisement

Yin Fengshui practitioners have many many tools, “weapons”, ornaments, etc. for Fengshui purposes.


It is impossible for me to state down all kinds of tools we have in a story. As such, in between stories, I will introduce individual tools we use and reveal its purposes.


In this story, I will introduce one tool we use – Bats.


Yin Fengshui practitioners adopt many animals and one of them are Bats. Bats are mammals that survive in the dark (ie Yin) – They are nocturnal in nature.


We simply love them just like Vampires – Hey Fong Chun Cheong, please stop your nonsenses!!! Ok, the sentence is being made for fun but I still want to elaborate the sentence further as follows:-


In western movies, bats are associated with Vampires because they hunt food for the Vampires. Some Vampires also can transform into bats and go and hunt for food for them to eat at night.


Please do not ask me to write a story about Vampires as in my context I consider them as non-existence. :-P


Then come to Yin Fengshui, Bats in Chinese we named them as “蝙蝠” and thus Bats symbolically represents 福 (“prosperity”) due to same sound as 蝠.


In Chinese, we love to hang the character 福 upside down for auspicious reasons. As we know, bats hang upside down during their rest time. Therefore, bats = 福 upside down.


Yes, bats hunt during the night and thus in Yin fengshui, they symbolically will normally fly to hunt for wealth at night. Wealth at night = Windfall Luck = 4D, Toto, shares, Lottery luck and unexpected income such as promotion, bonus, unexpected sales business income, etc.


Yin fengshui practitioners will normally advise clients to hang or hide a Bat near the door of house and office. This would symbolically represents that even when office is closed for business or people are resting at home, the fengshui in the premise will invite windfall energy from outside into the house.


You have always heard this in financial talk – Instead of working for money, let money work for you. Same logic applies – Let the fengshui (bats) work for u. Hence, bats are used in this manner.


Story somehow ends here. From , it is advertisement time – you may wish to adopt a bat from as below:-



This is an inverted bat which has the character of 福 on its body. As it is inverted, it means 福 upside down. Then it bites onto the ancient coin with words (招财进宝) on the coin. This symbolically means the bat is bringing in wealth (windfall) into your premise – office or residential.


Bats must somehow be “open light” (开光) by a Yin practitioner so that it can be used for the intended motive (use). Here it will be known as “powered by”.


Adopt one today at $8.88 (only for Singaporeans) and either hang it or hide it (in cupboards, shoe cabinet, etc.) near your door or window to bring in more wealth (windfall).  While stock lasts….


This adoption ends on the 30th April 2013.


Please also indicate your address in paypal as this item will be posted to your addresss. Adoption only in Singapore. If you are from overseas, please email to and will arrange with you as postage cost applies here.


Next, I will continue my stories and also to explore the reason (in Yin fengshui point of view) behind the myth of using human bones as cement when building a construction like a bridge. Please stay tuned…..


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, signing off…

**************sign off********************


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  1. Hi Shi Fu, considered myself very very lucky ya ( 有缘) to get to know about your website yesterday. Interesting stories, couldn’t stop reading since last night. Looking forward to more stories….haha
    Trying my luck, (as stated last day of adoption for bats 30th April) do u have any more bats for adoption? Thought of adopting it for my siblings too… fingers XX
    Have a great weekend!

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