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I refer to all the comments made on the Story “Don’t Challenge”. Thank you for the encouraging comments. As such, I will keep on writing stories. This is my promise to all of you. :-)


Yes, Yin and Yang are balance – And in Yin, there is always yang and vice versa. No doubt.


If we break these 2 components out, they are opposite of one another. Probably I will tabulate a table below to show this..


Yang                                                   Yin

White                                                  Black

Build                                                   Destroy

Passion                                               Hatred

Surface                                               Hidden

Don’t Sabotage                                  Sabotage like mad ;-)

Many more………


From the table above, we can somehow understand why there is a need to be an expert in all areas of Yang Fengshui before practice Yin Fengshui; and also why when you step into Yin Fengshui, it is required that you have to throw away all your knowledge of Yang Fengshui.


The reason to throw away Yang Fengshui when in Yin Fengshui is pretty obvious from the table above. To be an expert in all areas of Yang Fengshui prior to practicing Yin Fengshui is mainly due to we need to cultivate a good nature first. So when we step into Yin Fengshui, our good nature is somehow being blended into our nature of thinking so we can discipline ourselves. Furthermore, we have a set of code and conducts that govern us and we have to be vegetarian for life. All these are to ensure our proper behavior and conduct.


To be honest, I had been once a Yang Fengshui practitioner before and also (at that time) disagreed with what Yin Fengshui practitioner practices. When I stepped into Yin practices, I appreciate nature – the balancing of a way :-)


Then here comes my question to


Why does the Tai Chi Yin Yang is drawn that way?


Neither Fong Chun Cheong nor can answer this question at this moment of time. What I believe is that I have not seen what our Grandmaster (the Master whom invented Fengshui and drew this Yin Yang Ba Gua) had seen. Imagine if there is no such drawing exists, are we (with our current practice status) able to draw out the same Tai Chi ba gua?


I recalled when I was a young kid, my master told me that one way to find an answer is to “flip the past and detach from it”.


So I am following this way – going to throw away all my Yin practice knowledge away by writing stories for you all to catch… errrr… I mean enjoy.. Hehehehehehehehehehehehahahahahahahahaha!!!!!


Hopefully, the more I throw, the clearer I may be able to see what our Grandmaster had seen which we did not see. Hopefully, the clearer I see what our Grandmaster saw, the clearer the reader can see what a Yin practitioner sees… hmmm… my English again. Hope you all can understand.


Let me put it this way, the more I talk about Yin Fengshui, the more readers can understand Yin fengshui and the more Yin Fengshui knowledge I can throw and the clearer I can see what our Grandmaster had seen that we did not see… If that day comes if I can see what our Grandmaster will see, of course I will share with the readers what I see and hope that readers can see what I see on what our Grandmaster had seen that currently we did not see. And at the moment of process when I am trying to see what our Grandmaster had seen that I did not see, I hope that by writing stories, readers can see what a Yin practitioner sees.


Enough of the see…. I merry go round already…..


Hahahahahahahahaha…. Yesterday write until cry. Today write until laugh…..


I sincerely hope that you can stay tuned to and also support


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, marrying going rounding in and signing off……

***********************sign off**********************

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2 thoughts on “See See Look Look

  1. i am very fortunate to hve met a few humble and wise people who taught me that the best way to learn and see new things is to teach.

    And this is what i am seeing in i hve no doubt that that the writer n readers will benefit from one way or other.

    Co-existence of two extremes had been the way of nature and will always be. i cannot imagine the arrival of a day without night or a night without day.

    All the best in achieving the goals you hve set out to! jiayou!!!

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