Don’t challenge

Dear all,


I do sincerely hope that you had enjoyed these stories so far till now.


Yes. As you all know, my stories are based on my knowledge, experiences, practices, etc and they are all based on Yin Fengshui. Treat the below as a story too…. Here it goes…..


Yes. I do know that some Yang practitioners are looking and reading my stories.


Some of them may have copied a portion of my stories and commented on their grounds of communication (eg. webpage, blogs, books, classrooms) and challenged my stories and somehow indicating that Yang prevails Yin in a way or another.


However, they do not make any references to the original author that is me :-) So saying a portion of my stories may somehow misguide readers on Yin Fengshui.


And however, if you have done so, I would recommend that you do not make reference to This is because I had classified these as stories and fiction. Thus if you make reference to, your readers will know that you are using your Yang expertise and compare it to a fiction story. How will your readers / students have an impression of you? Sad enough, this new story “Don’t Challenge” will make things worse to you.


Probably I may need to educate you some legal terms. Copying a person’s work (stories as in this context) without any reference to the original author is known as Plagiarism and is punishable under law.  Furthermore, if you had created a link from your website to my website without my prior consent, this is also illegal. Then under the law of nature, this is known as stealing, and there is karma for that. As such, I will not take any legal actions against such act, as I will leave it to karma.


This can be view as another way of Yin Fengshui practitioner’s way of sabotaging – sabotage those Fengshui beginners. I have no intention of sabotaging anyone here. For the Yang practitioners, if you are reading my stories, read them with an open mind. If you do not like the stories, please by all means, leave


Never challenge a Yin practitioner if you are not trained in this field. We have been through countless battles – sabotage and being sabotaged, attack and being attacked, etc. We are full of experiences in battles.


Talking about battlefields….


I have lost a very close comrade – Venn. We practiced closely and protect each other. Yes I had been injured in an accident. Shortly after that, Venn had passed on at a very young age at 25. I had been blaming myself for her departure for a period. Now I had “see open” (看开) and accepted her departure and not blaming myself for her death. Even though, at this very moment when writing this, my eyes are wet and tears rolling down to my keyboard.


I am observing a minute of silence.




Venn had become a history and her knowledge, practices and experiences were not being documented.


I had also fallen. I had since become disabled lower limbs paralysis and had just undergone a right hand surgery early this year.


I had shed enough tears and blood.


Now is time to move forward. I am writing stories to finance my road to recovery. From fall to getting up. Always remember this in my heart…. There is nothing in the world that is impossible for the Yin practitioner. Everything is possible. I will prove this. I will recuperate slowly but steadily and continue my path.


For the Yang practitioners, now that you have known more about Yin practitioners, if you do want to challenge, please find other Yin practitioners. I am not interested in any challenge(s). If you do not like my stories, please leave. And if you are one of my subscribers, please reply “unsubscribe” to my mail. If you want to stay on with an open mind, please do so and enjoy the upcoming stories. Treat them as fictions ah..


Don’t challenged, be inspired instead. :-)


I am here in to share with the world at large my stories. Please stay tuned for more stories.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong (in tears), signing off.. I ran out of tissue papers :-(

****************sign off*******************



9 thoughts on “Don’t challenge

    • Thanks bro. Let them be. If I have your permission, please allow me to share with the world at large on how you trained me physically from wheelchair bounded to crutches. Will discuss with you.

  1. Don’t cry Liao!!! The one we loved don’t want to see us cry also. Just be stronger n stronger in ur heart, n try to be happy every day.

  2. Master Fong, respect your decision to finally open up your sharing on experiences, your personal life ,a hard road to recovery, heard many of your good deeds to help people.

    Friends & people with affinity will you definitely stand by you wishing that more people & souls can be enlightened , help by you…

    I recalled my Yang Feng Shui Teacher said what can’t be seen …. Does nt mean it dont exist… When there is Yang there would be Yin…vice verse….

    There will always be critic around… On anything & any matters…
    Good that all have an open mind….

    If some ppl minds are narrow… Likely they will not open up & worst of all attack other views… let them be… As… They may have lesser affinity to Yin Fengshui perspective… & this also can be vice verse for Yin ppl who critisie yang FS ppl haha….

    Open or close to each prospectives let it be respect each other decision…

    Not to bother…over it …haha
    Let’s move on to enjoy fictions & story…

    Ah Siong

  3. Ah yoh poor Master Fong got to buy new keyboard and will supply you tissue paper for the whole year.Good that you see open.Huat ah….cheong ah…

  4. Dear Fong, sorry to hear what had happened in the past years. I think it is juat unfortunate that you had been misrepresented on the internet. You can only continue to urge and encourage for positive sharing of knowledge in your posts but you will not be able to stop the differing interpretation:. 一种米养百种人. Some people are born with 铁齿, others have 乳牙 all their lives. Continue to live a colourful life – your way.

  5. Yin and Yang is always balance. Within Yin, there is Yang. Within Yang, there is Yin. In fact, there is no need to make comparison or sabotage each other. Each has their own strength. To use any part of the written stories without prior consent from the writer himself is absolutely an unethical act. It’s futile to make robust comparisons if the person is a Yang practitioner but the mindset is absolutely wrong….

    Don’t give up on writing more stories, Master Fong. Glad that you’ve stepped out from those hazy days. Be happy from now onwards and stay positive the way you are. By the way, I’m a Yang practitioner (as you may already know) but I really do enjoy reading your stories and I believe in you! :-) .

  6. Agree with DT totally :) But I don’t deny that there are indeed people who enjoy debating over issues which, sometimes is pointless.

    Personally, I do not like when people cite without reference or quote without context as it doesn’t do the author nor the reader justice. But I always think that karma plays a big part – those who are wise enough would know that they should have an open eye/mind to see/think for themselves before jumping to conclusion :)

  7. Dear Master Fong, so sorry to know so many unfortunate events happened to you in the past few years. I had never helped you and yet you helped me numerous times when I’m down. You are a kind person with no motives, continue doing what you are doing. You will have my support!:)

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