The Clash of the Yins – Promo


As the stories proceed to here, you may have a brief understanding of Yin Fengshui practitioner and Black Magician.


They are both from the Yin world of practice.


Sabotaging here and there – One sabotage premise while another sabotage a person’s well-being.


A full-pledged Yin Fengshui practitioner had undergone the same training as Back magician. However, this Yin Fengshui practitioner practices destroying the Black magician’s curse.


As such, we, the Full-pledged Yin Fengshui practitioner hate them, the Black Magician and of course they hate us too…


The Yin seems like a peaceful cool area.


Graveyards seem to be a peaceful ground for the dead to rest in peace.






It lies within the Yin and places of graveyards : A BATTLEFIELD


The Yin Fengshui practitioner vs The Black Magician


Stay tune for more insights of this Clash of the Yins as time goes by….


Wanna know how we lay mines or bomb? How we sabotage even with our own kind?


It is in this story…….


Here it goes:


There are many people whom claim themselves as Yin practitioners whether or not they are real experts or not.


Some of them are reading my stories.


For the experts, no worries.


For those yaya papaya “yin” practitioner who do not know about yin world, if you read this story, you have been hit.


When you read this part in your mind “The Yin seems like a peaceful cool area. Graveyards seem to be a peaceful ground for the dead to rest in peace. Silence…………BOOMED!!!!!!!!!” – I meant you have already read this in your mind above, you have been welcomed to the battlefield. (hereby called “The Statements”) The next time if you go graveyards or any Yin places to conduct so called “Yin” fengshui, just be a little more caution.


This only applies to Yin Fengshui practitioner who read this story.


Of course, the experts know how to break this simple sabotage.


How this sabotage works?


Heard of hypnotise?


Yes, it works like this…… The buff bluff Yin Fengshui practitioner will wanna know about this yin stuff more than anyone of us as a normal being does. We treat this story as leisure, eye-opening, etc. Those bluff bluff Yin practitioner may think “Are you sure?”. Then The Statements as above had drawn their mind frequency to low and then sabo their mind frequency to a level where they will send out signals to the Black magician —- “Please attack me!!!”


This is also how we Yin Fengshui practitioners use this as one of our shields in the war. We did nothing wrong and of course we also help to eliminate those bluff bluff Yin practitioner who “make spoil our name (reputation)”.


For the bluff bluff practitioners who had just read this story, the way to break this sabotage is to admit and tell the whole at large you are not a Yin Fengshui practitioner and you know nuts about it.


Interesting hor???


This is only a promo to a more insight stories of the Clash of the Yins!!!!!!!!


It is weekend time and time for entertainment!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! Friday night fever!!!! No one dates me……. Lonely la me………………

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