Then what is life reading?

Today is the continuation of the story on 4th February 2020 on “Can date of death be predictable?”


This story is written based on Yin Feng Shui Perspective and may sound offensive and degrading to the Yang perspective. Apologies if there is any unhappiness arising. Furthermore, Yin theories are on the extreme opposite of the Yang theories. When a practitioner practices feng shui, he / she should have already a strong understanding of these Yin and Yang theories.


The last story I asked this: “Let’s say If on 1st March 2069, ccfong goes to see a Yin practitioner to see his life / future……… Make a guess on what the Yin Fella will read………”


I had tried reading the life of person who had lived way beyond the expiry date. It is like looking at an empty sheet of paper.


If that is the case, how do I approach them in case (very rarely) they just want to read their life / what is the future install for them?


I would often smile at them and encourage them to keep up their spirit. And slowly they will then open up to me and ask me stuff with relating to death. I had a case whereby this client passed me an ang pow and would want me to assist her family in handling her own funeral stuff.


99% of the time when they approach us in reading their future is always they want to touch on the topic “Death” as they apprehend that this is the future for them.


Okay… That’s it for the previous topic on “Can date of death be predictable?”.


Today’s topic will touch on what exactly Yin practitioner is reading on with comparison with their counter part Yang practitioner while reading the life chart.


Again, I will use analogies to better illustrate and make it clearer AND of course I will use ccfong as an example.


All of us know about social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. and about 90% of us use them for whatsoever (personal) reason.


Okay, I use mainly facebook to upload my photos taken for the day and keep them like my personal diary. And notice my status of my facebook – I put it public and who wants to stalk me – just feel free.


BUT I dictate what photos to put in my facebook; and I dictate whether today is a happy or sad day; and I dictate if I am a playboy; and I dictate……………….. the list goes on…..


In other words, social media is a platform for me to just describe my life in a superficial manner that what I want others to think of me as a person.


Photos were fabricated as in purposely made them looks nice; all those ugly photos (many) – I don’t show.


This is the most crucial point – IF someone uses my social media (Facebook) to understand me as a person (or to read my life), this is the BIGGEST mistake and he / she shall only read the superficial side of me and it does not reflect my true self.


Under Yin practitioner’s point of view, using methods like bazi reading, purple star, etc. may be equivalent to looking at a person’s facebook and describing to them the story of their facebook and to advise them on how to make their facebook posts look better and nicer in whatever manner.


This is because a person’s life is very complex and unsystematic and how can one systematic approach (eg. bazi reading, etc) method can read a complex and unsystematic life?


In other words, my life is so complicated and complex… Facebook is a chart that allows me to present my life in a systematic presentable manner.


However, when time passes by, one may mix up their “real life” and their social media life and slowly the social media life becomes more important than the real life. If this is the case, depression and loneliness very fast sets in.


Yin practitioner is not interested in using a systematic approach to read a person’s chart (facebook) – Yin practitioner is interested in understanding the person behind the chart (facebook).


Systematic approach uses mainly algorithm and we do not really need a feng shui expert to read this sytem to us as Artifical Intelligence would make a better life reading if this algorithm or systematic approach is being used.


Under Yin practice, life reading is about understanding the person (the unsystematic way) and how he intends to write his own life (like writing his own social media). If want to change his life, advise him on how to change the intention and NOT on how and what to write the life (on “social media”).


If your life is being read in a systematic manner, remember this:


Either the reader is accurate in reading your life (future) OR you (after having future read) just direct your life subconsciously to make the reading of your future accurate.


Say for example, I read that you will get marry by 28 years old; anything after that age, marriage will be a disaster. No matter what – you die die will want to get marry by 28 years old thus making me accurate.


Hence, Yin practitioners always believe that there is no destiny or fixed routes n paths for your future. If  you go for a life reading session – be it Yin or Yang, read it and take it with a pinch of salt.


DO NOT be too engrossed, worried, concerned, happy about the future being read because NOTHING is fixed and no one has the ability to see your future as it is all being written by yourself and you have full control over it.


Yin practitioners’ approach is always to advise you to take their reading as a guide and use it should you want to take more control in directing your future instead of letting it control your feeling now.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, too late in stocking my food supplies cos all sold out due to panic buying, signing off…


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