Can date of death be predictable?

Happy 2020 Everyone!!!!!! Looks like I did not write story for about 3 thousand, six hundred and eighty-nine years and yet I am still not shy over this issue.


Since it is a new year and let’s start a new resolution. I promise to update and write stories for you all once again.


I will just write whatever comes into my mind and most of them may be repeated story from the past. If it is repeated, you all can read it and compare to what I wrote in the past and should there be any discrepancies, PLEASE feel free to scold me and then I will feel shy and frightened and low self esteem and then go into hiding and don’t write stories…. Hehehehehehehehehe!!!!!!!! I many likes……


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Okay. Enough of my merry-go-round introduction.


Today’s story is inspired by many of you to seek my opinion on this trending coronavirus under Yin Feng Shui perspective and theories.


Well, to start off with, I am no Virus expert and thus, I am unable to comment further with regards to the virus.


Let’s start….


This subject leads me to explain on whether DEATH (date) is predictable. In other words, is our life really predestined as in when it is going to end.


Is there a definite date where one is going to die?


Let’s use ccfong as an example. Wah!!! Today is Li Chun day and use myself as an example to die… Remember to Ang Pow me below support ah…. Hehehehehehe!!!


I am born in 1st January 1982.


Under Yang perspective, put the life chart see see look look and then can gauge and estimate when ccfong is going to die – the year, date, etc.


For Yin perspective, I shall spilt it in 2 parts – theory and reality.


Under theory we are able to tell the exact expiry date that is attached to our body as say in the case of ccfong – his expected death date is 31st December 2068. In other words, happy or not happy, ccfong will just collapse on 31st December 2068 and pass on and then his spirit come out of the body and then kenna forced to write stories again in the other nether world. Hey, give me rest in peace leh.


In theory, yes there is a shelf life tagged along with each individual body.


However, here comes the reality part…..


Let’s take we take a yogurt for example. If the manufacture date is 4th February 2020, the expiry date (shelf life) is 10 days thus will expire on 14th February 2020. This is by theory. However, if this said yogurt is placed near a heated stove, the yogurt will just expire very quickly way before the expiry date. And if the yogurt is placed in a cold vacuum place, it can last beyond it’s expiry date.


Our life – there are many factors affecting it for example emotions, karma, medical advancements, etc. For this story, I only focus on this 3 factors.


Emotions – This factor is controllable by us. Things change and happen around us every second and they will affect our mood in a way. It is on our burden and control to see if we do want to be affected by it. For example the coronavirus. Either we scare of it or we can just don’t care it. If we scare, we had allowed our life to be in frighten mode and we may live in fear and become very sensitive to any details with regards to the virus.


Exclusion clause: There is no right or wrong approach to how our emotions towards this virus. Be more careful and percentage of kenna the virus is low. Don’t be like ccfong. Now eating egg rolls / love letters while writing this story inspired by the virus.


Karma- This factor may not (on the surface) be controllable by us. These are past deeds that were done by us. For example, if person A exercises regularly and eats healthily, A may live longer or have a better chance of survival and recovery compare to ccfong who eats, drinks and happy regularly. But ccfong is happy leh…


Medical advancements – Modern medical science may increase our life span. Say for example, ccfong collapsed on 31st December 2068 and then doctors connect him to a life support machine to help him to survive. Who knows? Maybe next time there will be Artificial Intelligent organ to replace ccfong’s organ and hence ccfong can live perpetually and continue to write stories… I don’t want.


After writing so many above, I am going to summarise it into a clearer form now as below.


For example ccfong went to seek Yin practitioner’s advice and it is confirmed that the date of death is to be on 31st December 2068 and ccfong is very confident in that à ccfong the Ya Ya Papaya man goes to Wuhan for tour cos ticket is cheap without wearing mask and shirt. Let’s see if ccfong can really last till 31st December 2068.


On the other hand, I have seen cases where people live beyond their expiry date. For example, on a Sunday morning 19th February 2072, ccfong is still typing on his laptop writing a story after practicing karate and still does flying kick here and there and everywhere. Already 4 years after his expiry date, why is he still alive?


Well, this is beyond Yin perspective and beyond what we can see. Having said this, ccfong can just pass on anytime after 31st December 2068. I hope I can meet you all for a meal, have a good laugh and I die in my laughter……. Huat ah!!!


Let’s say If on 1st March 2069, ccfong goes to see a Yin practitioner to see his life / future……… Make a guess on what the Yin Fella will read………


Hence, even though in theory, one’s death date is predictable, this is ONLY in theory.


Stay safe and healthy this period during this ongoing coronavirus period. Wear your hand and wash your mask thoroughly and frequently  ;) and pass all your unhealthy snacks to ccfong for him to write stories.


Once again, stay safe!!!!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, understanding that death date is not predictable in reality, signing off.


*************************** Sign off******************************



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