Touch Bone Session – The meaning

Happy New Year 2019 everyone!!!

Lunar New Year is around the corner and tomorrow on 2nd February 2019, I will be hosting my annual touch bone session in the afternoon.

How it works:

Friends come earlier before the class starts for me to touch their bones so as to let me feel the yearly luck on which elements come first in this year. For example, mine is water wood earth metal fire…

And then I will give a class on the general luck on this Yin Earth Pig year. And then I will explain what is the best optimal combination of elements.

Firstly they can roughly gauge how their luck is individually by comparing their own combination of elements with the optimal one.

Then I will go individually to explain to them the rationale and how to be prosperous for the year of Yin Earth Pig.

The above explanation only touches on the procedures on how the procedure works…

Now below part is on why touch bone……

You see ah…

Every beginning of the year, through television, radio, facebook, wechat, etc., we always hear practitioners, masters, grandmasters, etc. all talking about zodiac animals / signs. For example, those born in the year of pig when enter the year of pig, becareful don’t be lazy like a pig, don’t eat fat fat like ccfong the pig, etc. No need worry, in order to curb this, I have this ornament of slim tea and every morning drink one sachet for seven seven forty-night days, you won’t be fat fat but instead your luck becomes good good.

Under Yin practice, we do not accept that in every year, the luck only consists of 12 combinations (as in the 12 zodiac animals) and we view this forecast (using 12 zodiac animals) as a commercial practice as in to boost their ornament sales and if their forecasts are being aired in the media, they become famous cos many people know them by watching the TV.

Yearly Luck wise is very individual and uniquely yours just like your fingerprints.

Hence, Yin practitioners’ theory is that bones support your body structure no matter if you are tall and handsome (not like me) or short, fat and ugly (like me).

Even if one dies, the very last thing to disappear is still bones.

Hence, bones are the main structure and we can read a lot of information be it in the past or future by touching the bone of the LEFT hand…

Next question is why left hand?

Most of us are right handed… Thus, theoretically, we seldom use left hand and thus the muscles surrounding the bone is less tense than the right, so we can feel the bone and then tell story or your life.

How to do that?

Slowly practice and you will get the technique of touching the bone and feel the life and luck of the individual.

In conclusion (also from the previous stories), Yin practitioners do not trust birth datas (time is an error as discussed in the previous story) , life-reading methods (how can one systematic method can cater for the unsystematic millions of lives), etc.

Yin practitioners touch bone for life and luck analysis.

Okay! I promise to write a short story regarding the touch bone and I adhere to my promise but may be a little too late but being late is better than never write. Hehe.

See you all tomorrow for the bone touching session.

And have a Happy Lunar New Year everyone!!!

Once again, this is Fong Chun Cheong, polishing my hand to touch bone tomorrow, signing off.

****************************Sign off*************************


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