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Singapore Yin Feng Shui Funeral Services has cooperated with Singapore Exhumation Services on exhumation cases in Singapore.

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The first paragraph is just for leisure as both firms belong to Fong Chun Cheong.

What is Exhumation?

Exhumation is a process of digging up a buried corpse.


In Singapore, when a deceased is being buried, the place of bury is not permanent and by law, the Burial Policy limits the burial period to 15 years to combat land scarcity.

Because of this Burial Policy, the number of exhumation cases in Singapore is very high as compared to other countries where there is no burial limitation period. As such, there are always cases of exhumation every now and then and it is very common.


For private exhumation, applicant has to apply with NEA for permit to exhume on their specific date. Once the permit is approved, the applicant can then proceed with the exhumation.

Let’s say the date to exhume is on 1st January. Applicant and family members will first gather at the graveyard on 31st December (one night before the exhumation date) at around 10 plus pm to offer their prayers to the deceased. After which, the family members will witness the ground breaking procedure at say around 11pm. After witnessing, they can either choose to stay at the site or return home to rest while the workers and undertakers continue to dig the grave.


Normally the digging process will take about 3 to 5 hours long depending on the nature of the ground, terrain, soil, etc. They will dig until the surface of the coffin is seen.

Then the family members will return to the site to witness the opening of the coffin. The undertakers will use a chain saw and tools to break open the coffin to retrieve the remains of the deceased.

2 scenarios may happen here at this point. Generally 90% of the time, the body had decomposed over the years and what is left are the bones and the remains. The undertakers will then retrieve all the bones and wash them using alcohol and put them in a white bag and send it for cremation at CCK crematorium.

However, 10% of the time, the body did not decompose over the years and the body with dried skin lies perfectly in the coffin. If this is the scenario, we have to indent a coffin to the site and carry the body up from the grave and put it into the coffin and send it for cremation at CCK crematorium.

All these have to be done before the morning sun sets in – reason is Chinese believe that it is inauspicious to let the sun shine on the remains.

After cremation, we will collect the ashes and transfer them to the urn and let the family members bring it to their respective chosen niches – be it in temples, our government columbarium, churches, etc.



Cemeteries exists as “resting places” and the norm of many cultures is that the dead should not be disturbed.

Exhumation of the grave is a form of a great disturbance to the resting place.

Imagine you are soundly asleep in your room. Then suddenly your next door neighbour does a major renovation like knocking and drilling and breaks the wall of your room and wakes you up from your sleep by slapping you hard. How would you feel? Of course, a normal ordinary man will get angry and will try to “get even” with his neighbour.

Likewise for exhumation of graves – You are disturbing the deceased’s resting ground by knocking, drilling, sawing and destroying it’s bed i.e. coffin. How would the deceased react?

As such, Yin feng shui plays a very important part here. We will try to choose a very Yin date and a very strict timing on the ground breaking so as to create a void or vacuum timing such that the digging of the grave (drilling, knocking, etc.) does not disturb the deceased rest. As such, the Yin FS practitioner has to be premise on the timing and does the first ground breaking to signifies the “vacuum period”.

As we are destroying the resting place of the deceased, we have to create another resting place for the deceased again. And after cremation, the FS master has to be precise and follow the Yin fengshui manner to put the ashes into the urn and then transport the urn into the niche.

In conclusion, from the start of the exhumation to the urn entering into the niche, the period must be a vacuum period so that the rest of the deceased is not being affected and no negative energy shall arise from the process and affects the descendants.


As being said in the above, “if you disturb my sleep and destroy my house, I will get even with you” – meaning to say if you exhume the grave in an inappropriate manner, negative energies will affect you – Newton’s Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, going to buy some shovels, signing off..

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