Yin Class – Art of War by Sun Tzu

Hi all, forget about the nonsense and logical excuses I am going to give for not uploading story for such a long time. Because all excuses are the same – so same that I also lazy to write them down again.


Some might have known from my social media, I am going to give lesson(s) on Art of War by Sun Tzu in my Yin context.


Why is Art of War important?


It is a fundamental basic that all Yin practitioners need to be well versed with before carrying out any Yin activities / missions and to win in it.


All of us have this element of Yin in us and we too use it to win.


Let me give you some analogies.


Let’s say we play a game of chess or mahjong or blackjack.


Yang practice in this case is to understand the rules of the game and to play the game of chess / mahjong / blackjack in compliance of the rules. And if we merely play in accordance to the rules, we only depend on our luck to win the game.


However, in order to win the game, one has to be deceptive to gain the advantage of winning. In the event of a chess game, a skillful chess player may use his horse as a bait so the other player greedily eats the horse while he takes advantage of the situation and checkmate the opponent’s king and win the game.


To play the game with just knowledge of the rules is no fun. To deceive each other in the game to win is the fun part. Same goes to mahjong, poker cards, table tennis, martial arts sparring, etc. – “mystify, mislead and surprise the enemy” – Sun Tzu.


All Warfare is Based Upon Deception.


Like in boxing, a boxer may fake an action of wanting to punch and to instigate his opponent and if the opponent being provoked and becomes careless, the boxer stands the high chance of winning.


So you all can sit back and think of times you all did apply Yin method (deception) to win any thing. If you say never before, I won’t believe one. Hehehehehehe!


So for the Yin class on Art of War that will be held on 24th June 2017 Saturday evening, I will focus on what is deception and it’s karma related to deception and then explain an overview of Sun Tzu Art of War and after which we shall go in deeper in detail in every chapter of the Sun Tzu Art of War.


For this class, children and teenagers are welcome to join in too to learn this art.


Then after the class, you can understand why I as a Yin practitioner after a major crippling accident stood up and outrightly declares I am a Yin practitioner.


Am I a commander for other Yin practitioners such as Tiffany, Rebecca, etc.?

Do I act as a medium for them to communicate one another?

Or am I a bait being used by them?


If we enter into a mission, what are the calculations we have to make, etc.


And many more.


Thus, in the class, I will touch on different methods of Yin and will focus on deception and understand the usage of deception to gain a competitive advantage over yourself, company, etc. using Sun Tzu Art of War.


And understand some secrets behind the Yin theories.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, kenna a pethidine 100mg injection, signing off.

***********************sign off************************


The class will start on 24th July 2017 around 6pm at 4th floor bras basah complex. More details will be uploaded soon.


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