Dementia vs Down Syndrome in the event of Death

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What happens to person with (a) dementia and (b) down syndrome in the event of death? Will they become normal again after death?


Let’s look into this topic today….


This story is dedicated to a sister (with down syndrome) who had recently passed away and her funeral and the beginning of her after life was taken care by me.


(a) People with Dementia


Dementia is a kind of disease that causes one’s ability to think and remember events and it affects the person’s normal daily functions. According to medical ah, the person’s consciousness is not being affected.


Let’s take ccfong as an example. Do you all know why he is SOOOoooooooo FAT? Is because he has dementia… You see ah. He always forget that he had eaten a meal. After eating a meal, he forgets that he had eaten and then search for food again. So he eats and eats and eats and eats and eats and according to medical, his conscious is not affected so when he eats until tired, he goes to bed to recharge his conscious and after recharging, he looks for food again.


So please don’t blame him for not consistently uploading stories because he is suffering from Dementia and forgets about storytelling. So poor thing hor?


Dementia is a progressive disease and it does not occur in the start of a life and occurs normally during old age or after stroke, etc. In other words, a person was perfectly fine in his mental state before getting Dementia.


Use ccfong as an example, before he gets the Dementia, he was a tall, strong, handsome, fit-looking person (When did he ever have this physique, I forgotten due to dementia). And now he has dementia, he becomes fat and clumsy.


So the point is here. Like any other disease such as stroke, muscular disfunction, etc., a person was perfectly healthy before he gets these disease(s). In other words, a person, who was perfectly abled, suffered a stroke and was bed or wheelchair bounded for few years and passed on. In the spiritual state of this person, he (most of the time) is fit and able to commute around without walking aids.


Likewise, for a dementia person, after he passes on, his mental state would be like his before dementia.


And this leads to Yin practitioner (if his service is being engaged) a tough time. The practitioner needs to explain and bring this deceased back to reality and to let them understand death and what had happened to him after he suffered dementia.


Very very tedious one.


Like for ccfong who forgets to write story and eats and eats and eats, upon his death, he comes back to his usual self and wants to write stories again for you all but is unable to do so and the Yin practitioner has to explain to him why like that and bring ccfong back to reality that he is unable to write stories any more. So sad…



(b) For Down Syndrome


Down syndrome is a gene problem that happens before birth. In other words, a person with down syndrome might have never been mentally fit before as compared to person with dementia.


Down syndrome occurs in the start of the person’s life whereas Dementia occurs in the old stage of the person’s life.


This is the crucial point.


Because person with down syndrome might have lived with this condition for a few decades and this is somehow a “norm” to the person.


So upon death, this person is not like a normal spirit or like a normal person and the syndrome of Down Syndrome continues upon death.


Like the case of ccfong (down syndrome), upon his death, he still continues to search for food and eat and eat and eat and then sleep and then the whole cycle continues… He will not want to write stories and also he is unaware of death. To ccfong as this point in time upon his death, it is just like any usual normal day to him as he does not appreciate the meaning of death.


This is another very crucial part to highlight too.


As for person with down syndrome, since the person’s birth, this person is / was always being taken care by a care giver all along in his / her life and had never been independent before.


Upon death, the person with down syndrome faces a huge problem – Loneliness and this causes fear and frustration in the person as he / she might feel unwanted or neglected – may get into the realm of an Angry Ghost.


So if a Yin practitioner is engaged to look after a person’s (with down syndrome) death, the Yin practitioner better prays hard that there is a deceased (the person’s relative or friend) prior to the death of the person and also that deceased spirit is kind enough to follow or take care of this person with down syndrome.


If there isn’t any spirit to take care of the down syndrome, the Yin practitioner has to make necessary arrangements to have this settled. How – cannot disclose here as it is our secret :P


In the context of Buddhism, Yin practitioner hopes that this person with down syndrome is able to reincarnate into human realm and start all over a new life with NO down syndrome and this is like a reset button for this person with down syndrome.


Hope this story explains clearly on the distinctions between dementia and down syndrome upon death; AND ALSO


Why ccfong takes so long to upload stories… This is due to his medical reason(s) lah.. hehehehehehe….


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, looking for food again, signing off…

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