Burning of Joss Papers Part 2 and Zhong Sheng Ji Part 2

After the previous serious (but I written it in a non serious manner) story Part 1 on Zhong Sheng Ji, now let us explore on another Yin method – The Burning of Joss Papers.


Please do refresh your memory by reading the Story no 15. Burning of Joss Papers..


Less potent or not-potent-at-all method of burning joss papers somehow acts like Zhong Sheng Ji.


The only difference is burning of joss papers is a short term and need to be done repetitively while Zhong Sheng Ji is a one time off thing whereby you go and die and just pray to be alive again.


In other words, Uncle D does the method of Zhong Sheng Ji and it is a one time off “boost to the luck” by dying and reborn again. However, if Uncle D is “reborn” again, it does not mean his luck is good.


You see ah… Based on Yin Feng Shui, the ancestors’ grave fengshui is good for the future generations and NOT the ancestor him/herself. So meaning if Uncle D’s burial site is good, by right it should benefit his future generations and not himself and ALSO because he is still alive and Yin Yang langka (crash) each other like mad and how to be good fengshui to the future generation?


If Uncle D chooses not to do the Zhong Sheng Ji, he can choose to do the burning of joss papers method. Just take note that this method only lasts for a short period ranging from several days to a maximum of couple of weeks. This method acts like an adrenaline boost to the person’s luck like steroids but with no side effect. Well, side effect is that this method is not so environmental friendly.


How this method works?


Like what I had written in the previous story Number 15, I am not repeating whether the deceased can receive the monies or not and the authorized money conversion.


Today’s story is focus on how this burning method acts as an adrenaline to both the ancestor and the living.


Let’s use Uncle D again…


Uncle D burns joss papers to his Daddy (deceased). Warning: Please do not burn joss papers to the living ones, If NOT, nothing going to happen one la so that’s why this method is not potent.


You see ah…


Uncle D is alive i.e. He is Yang.


He burns joss papers to his Daddy and burning = fire = yang.


So yang multiply by yang = yang squared and hence Uncle D more yang and his life and luck (Yang) boosts up.


Comparing to Zhong Sheng Ji, this method is go and die i.e. demolishing the Yang energy i.e. dying = cold = yin.


So yang (positive) multiply by yin (negative) = Yin and negatively impacts on Uncle D’s life and luck.


Furthermore to this, the burning of joss papers is a respect to Uncle D’s daddy and let me illustrate how this respect works.


Let us go back to our school days say Primary 6 where we are taking our PSLE (Primary School Leaving Exam).


If we often heard rumors that this particular teacher (say Teacher X) is a respected Good teacher who can cultivate pupils to a good character and also good results and this year this Teacher X happens to teach us, our morale and psychological effect will be adrenaline-ly boosted up and of course we somehow will perform better. Furthermore, external forces like our parents will say this year we very lucky ah let this teacher X teaches us, etc. So external (e.g. our parents) and internal (e.g. our morale, psychological, etc.) factors boost up our (study) luck.


Vice versa if the teacher is a lousy one.


Bring this example back to the burning methods.


If we respect our ancestors (by burning joss papers), this somehow enhances the “value and respect” of our ancestors and if our ancestors are of good quality, somehow external and internal factors (like the above example) adrenaline-ly boost up our life and luck.


So how do we burn josspapers and can you, ccfong, assist us?


Okay!!! Since I advised strongly against the potent method of Zhong Sheng Ji, this non potent method I will perform for you all (valid only in Singapore and when I am available).


So how to go about this method?


Will write more in details soon…. Basically, you can choose the amount of josspapers you want to burn – The package comes in $18, $28, $38…………. $888,888 (I don’t know how can come up to this amount) and I will deliver to you all or we can gather together in a place and we burn together and huat ah.


The details of the method are not so important as at now. What is relevant here is first understand the concepts of these 2 methods of Burning of Joss Papers and Zhong Sheng Ji under the Yin theories.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, sourcing for joss papers, signing off.

*****************Sign off*****************


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