Burning of Joss Papers Part 2 and Zhong Sheng Ji

Burning of Joss Papers Part 2 and Zhong Sheng Ji


This story is a continuation of my story no. 15 Burning of Joss Paper that was written many many many years ago..


I received questions regarding 种生基 “Zhong Sheng Ji” and what other methods other than Ancestors’ graveyard feng shui can boost up one’s luck.


Let me first tackle the theory on种生基 and my advice on this method.


种生基 is a very advanced Taoism Yin Feng Shui technique to increase one’s luck by creating a tomb for the living one.


Let me illustrate by using Uncle D (a fictitious character) as an example. Uncle D engages me to perform 种生基 for him.


What I will do….


First find a suitable good burial site. Even though this burial is a unreal or fake in other words (as it is for the living), the criteria for choosing this kind of “fake” burial site is the same as choosing a real burial site for the deceased. This will be done overseas as in Singapore we can’t choose burial site.


Next, I will murder Uncle D and bury his body in the fake burial site I will take Uncle D’s personal stuff such as his birth data, his blood (I am a vampire probably I will take a drop from his left finger – if girl, right finger), cut his hair (I am a barber) and his nails (I am a medi and pedicurist) and take one set of his favorite clothings and shoes (I am a fashion consultant).


With these stuffs taken from Uncle D, I will use a straw man and insert Uncle D’s birth data straight up into the straw man’s a*s and put the drop of blood onto the strawman’s forehead and the finger and toe nails put inside the clothing and use them to cover up the strawman (take note: cannot cover the face).


Then put everything incluing Uncle D’s shoes into a round container / small coffin / urn and then bury it in the burial site. Good nice date will be chosen and I will perform the ritual for the dead for Uncle D and the 1st 7th day to seven seven forty night days MUST be observed.


What does this procedure means?


Very simple theory – let Uncle D dies (SYMBOLICALLY) and then reborn a new life usually with a better life and luck.


Do I know how to perform this procedure and ritual?


Yes, I do.


Do I recommend it?


Sadly, Nope and I won’t advise unless for the following:


Your luck is superb superb superb low and lousy and there is no more future ahead of you and you rather not live than to suffer through in your life, then I will help you perform; and


If you are very sick and doctors say no hope and yet you still want to find other alternatives, I may perform for you; and


Any other Valid reasons – I must deem valid….


Reasons for me advising against:


It is many many expensive – I will charge tens of thousands for this procedure.


And you have to die once symbolically. This is the most dangerous part – No Yin practitioners can guarantee safety to this death. As you have already given consent to give up your life, the external forces (unknown) will really come after your life – so please don’t play afool.


And Yin practitioners only choose the auspicious day to symbolically literally let you go and die and Yin practitioners are NOT Gynaecologist and they cannot choose auspicious day for you to get reborn (as human). Furthermore, Yin practitioners are also not God and they cannot decide whether you get reborn as human, ghosts, etc.


Please do not play afool with this method and think thrice before engaging a Yin practitioner to perform this method. However, Yin practitioner has to (in his first instance) advice against by stating the risk and then the practitioner needs to satisfy himself why he will perform this method.


Again, by performing this method, the Yin practitioner is literally “making” the living go and die and there is this theory on Karma.


However, there are many commericalised feng shui master who advertise for this method and also happy happy suka suka advise people to perform this method. I am bold enough and confident to say that these masters are not Yin practitioners as we have very STRICT rules to adhere to on this POTENT method.


Even though, they are not Yin practitioners and you happen to let them perform this method, you have already given your consent to the universal that you give up your life and this is no different from committing suicide.


Once again, in Yin theories, this is a serious matter.


And beside this method, is there any other Yin method(s) to enhance one’s luck.


Yup! By burning joss papers and as now the time is 1.38am, I going to sleep but I promise to write it first thing in the morning tomorrow when I get up.


AS at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preparing to go to bed, signing off.

**************Sign off***************

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