How is a Yin practitioner involved in Pet’s death?

This is a story in continuation of the previous story Why Yin Practice on Pets Funeral?


This story is again written in memory of “M” and “Fudgie” and also an education and guidance for Rebecca (She not a pet; she is my junior) Hehe!


Firstly, the purpose of the Yin practitioner is to deter the Pet from becoming an Angry Ghost as per described in the previous story.


How the Yin practitioner normally does it?


If owner knows that his/her pet is about to pass on, he can engage a Yin practitioner to come and attend to the pet while it is still alive.


The purpose of this (Practitioner meeting the pet) is to somehow make the Yin practitioner’s job easier by letting the pet get familiarize with the Yin practitioner and also to let the pet knows that this Yin fellow is a family friend. In simple and shorter meaning, introduce the Pet to the Yin practitioner for matchmaking.


Why is this important?


Usually, the next procedure after the pet passes on, the Yin practitioner will adopt it (the pet spirit) for a short period of time. How short? Ranging from next second to maybe a couple of weeks maximum. The purpose of this adoption is to smoothen the transition from being a pet (when alive) to having a culture shock as it suddenly becomes “unwanted as a pet”, turns angry and become angry ghost and makes it’s afterlife suffer and miserable and of course it affects the rebirth of the pet.


So during this transition period, the Yin fellow will guide the pet (success basis depends on the pet’s intellect) to understand death as in terms of separation between itself and the owner and to accept the fact that the owner is unable to touch, see, hear, etc (all the senses) it. This is the crucial process to deter the pet from becoming an angry ghost.


After the Yin practitioner is satisfied (in his own opinion) that the pet is ready as in acceptance of death and not turning to an angry ghost, the Yin fellow will let the pet roam around and continue it’s afterlife journey.


Usually, with owner’s consent, the spirit pet may roam back to it’s place of residence when it was alive probably until the day it realized that it has to go off and wander (as there isn’t any physical touch of love) to it’s own world or until the day it is being scheduled for rebirth (depending on it’s karma and emotions).


Note to Rebecca:

Karma influences the place where the pet go to and the duration between it’s death and the place they go.

Emotion influences the pet if it’s spirit still carry on its sickness or it is being healthy (rid of sickness) after life.

We cannot influence its karma but we can influence it’s emotion and it leads to “affect favorably” on it’s karma. Well, this is complicated subject and I will discuss with you personally. Emotion and Karma affects each other.


Coming back to what happens if the pet did not meet the Yin practitioner when the pet was alive. There is no trust between the pet (spirit) and the Yin fellow and this makes the Yin fellow’s job a little more messy.


Very simple. Let the Yin practitioner do the funeral process for the pet and (use a little of force as it is animal world) to make sure that the pet (spirit) looks at the funeral ceremony whereby the Yin practitioner touches it’s dead body with the consent and trust from it’s owner.


So is funeral services important? Rather important if there was no prior introduction of the pet and the Yin practitioner.


Once again, it takes quite an advanced craft skillset of the Yin practitioner to be able to guide the pet spirit. “Craft” is needed because of the different intellect of pets and humans but again because pets had been with humans for long, it is confirmed much more easier than an animal from the wild where it is not domesticated.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, letting go of a Pet to roam around freely and happily, signing off.

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