Why Yin practice on Pets Funeral?

This story is written in memory of “M” (a pet dog) which I had performed a Yin funeral last weekend 13th November 2016 and also in memory of “Fudgie” (a pet dog) who had trained me in walking and balancing without walking aids as per written in story 119. Dog – Man’s Best Friend.

You may refer to the story 119 to refresh a little memory.

Why Yin practice on Pets Funeral?



Pets / Animals have “spiritual sensitivity” (refer to story 119) or intelligence.

But how intelligent are theirs as compared to us humans?

Well, basic functions intelligence like eat, play, sleep, drink, gamble and flirt around, hunting for food, etc. are comparable to us. But we have educations and communications that they might not have as good as us.

In other words, we understand what is birth, age, sick and death and animals / pets may not comprehend this – They would think they are immortal.

As such, pets are very closed towards their owners receiving their love and care. Pets in Chinese are known as “物” which owners will 宠 (“spoil” in direct English meaning as spoiling their own child) them.

If pets are dying of old age, they are even closer to the owners as the owners have to carry them around to hospital, feed them food, etc.

Then the day comes where death strikes and they have to be separated with their owners.

If owner dies before the pet, you may read up the story of the Japanese Dog, Hachiko (10th November 1923 to 8th March 1935), for his remarkable loyalty that continued for more than 9 years after the death of his owner.

In this story, we focus on death of pets before their owners.

After pets death and their spirit after coming out of its dead body, the pet (spirit) will be energetic again and does not comprehend that it had died.

Days still go on as per normal and the only difference is that the owner seems to abandon them and do not attend to them.

Pets do not understand death and neither do they understand that the owners can no longer see them.

As days go by, the owners do not feed them with food and worse, if owners own another pet, the spirit pet’s animal instinct arises from jealousy, hunger, anger, etc. and as such they may turn into Angry Ghost in pets form and may be similar to Story 89. Angry Ghost.

Imagine your pets getting angry at you and clinched its teeth with anger towards you.

If you have no pets before, imagine ccfong clinching its teeth with anger towards you. OMG!!! Like a pig!!!!! Sorry – wrong example.

So thus, this somehow sums up why we need Yin practice on Pets Funeral.

We are not of much concern on if the Pets’ fengshui is good or not for their descendants. We are more concern on the Pet well being after its death and at best let it understand about death and thus prevent it from being an Angry Ghost and thus, can move on in a better route after life.

How is the Yin practitioners going to do this?

Next story……… so please stay tuned… No worries. I am sick now with terrible gastric pain and next story you all no need to wait for years..

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, popping in pills for gastric, signing off.

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