Lessons learned from My First Black Magic Defuse Case

This story is dedicated to and in loving memory of my mother’s mother who I addressed her as grandmother.


My first Black Magic Defuse Case was about 22 years ago when I was just 12 years old.


The details of the case in year 1994:


Victim – a lady in her 30s

A mistress to a husband whom she claimed was some big shot / owner of a foreign bank.

Was being cursed by the husband’s big (legal) wife.

And the best part was this mistress still can call the wife and scolded the wife 狐狸精 (Vixen).


Then, I was young. She was recommended by a monk (surname Ho) and needed my then expertise to defuse the black magic. If I can recall, she complained of sleepless nights and physical pain and sufferings that she claimed the doctors couldn’t treat.


Being young and inexperienced, I agreed to attend to her and defuse the black magic and then, I still did not comprehend what on earth is black magic. Then, I only know that she was being cursed by a spiritual master (black magician) and all I did was to whack the black magician instead of defusing the black magic. Very brave – but luckily my attack on the black magician was not being reciprocated by the magician, else I would have been RIP then and not writing this story. Hehe.


This first case of defusing black magic was brought to the knowledge of my grandmother. My mother’s mother was very annoyed and worried (at the same time) and she called up my mother to vent her worries and also sort of scolded my mother to scold me not to mess around with black magic. She warned that if I am involved in this black magic thingy, I would get into trouble as the black magic would also hit me back if I couldn’t manage it properly. Furthermore, this first case of the mistress, there was pointless to assist her as she was the one who wanted to break other people’s family and the fact that she was being cursed by the wife – She deserved it.


Some truth to what my grandma’s scolding.


Well, her scolding scared the sh*t out of me as it made sense to me and I feared that I would have been hit by the black magician.


In addition to it, why did I interfere with such case which the mistress does not deserve to be assisted given the fact that she intended to break other people’s family.


From this first case, both my mother’s mother and my mother had taught me to look at cases and to make a decision whether to interfere depending on the credit of the case. In other words, if the victim is really a victim, then I interfere and if the victim deserves to be cursed, then I will wish the victim best of luck.


The next lesson that taught me from this first case was fear. Then I told myself why I should be fearful of black magician. Why not let the black magician be fearful of me?


That was how an Asura was being born since then. Instead of fearing them, let them fear me.


This was only possible after some serious training. And this 精神 had also helped me to overcome my disabilities after I was being crippled by the road traffic accident.


Fast forward to now. Do I still fear?


The next fear after this first case was my Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the accident that once crippled me and I had to manage this PTSD.


Recently about a couple of weeks ago, I was facing fear again.


Visited my grandma in the local hospital. She was alert and well and was expected to be discharged soon as medical examinations showed little or no problem with her health status. We broke a joke and she made us laugh and she was laughing soon. Suddenly in the next moment while still laughing, she collapsed and died under my nose.


This, again, scared the sh*t out of me too.


Witnessing a loved one died in front of you is a very traumatic event. Of course, this caused PTSD to me and symptoms of PTSD aroused and once again, I am facing fear.


So, in conclusion, my mother’s mother i.e. my grandmother scared me twice.


Well, the first scare from my grandma (on the first black magic defuse case) strengthened me and hopefully this second and last scare will toughen me up once again.


This means another round of serious training for myself.


Anyway, I had a great grandma and may she rest in peace while I pick up my pieces and move on. Till we meet again…. And she scared me twice – I will return her double scare (meaning 4 times) if we ever meet again. Hehehehe…


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, entering into a round of training, signing off. And stay tuned for more stories.

**************Sign off******************

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