Is it ok to hold a funeral wake as a party?

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Today I will be touching on is it ok to hold a funeral wake as a party.


Recently, I have read articles and news on new age funeral planning and they want their own funeral wake as a party meaning to say to celebrate their death or their life in this world by holding a party-like funeral wake where people come and dance like a disco and drinks alcohol and celebrate a party like wedding anniversary, birthday parties, etc.


Sounds good and ideal where the deceased requested party like to celebrate the deceased’s death and the deceased will not be seeing sad, sober face of the deceased’s surviving family and friends.


But how about the flip side or in other words the negative impact on the survivors if a funeral wake is being held as a party?


Conventionally and traditionally, funeral wake is a social gathering associated with death before a funeral where the body is either being buried or cremated (in Singapore context). Family and friends may come to the wake and bid the last farewell and have a last look on the deceased.


Well, some says a wake is a period before the funeral to give the deceased a few more days before the funeral a chance to wake up from the dead. Hehehe. Once embalmed, no chance of waking up because all blood had already been drawn out.


When we talk about celebration and parties, let’s refer to birthday parties, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, etc.


Celebration and parties are a joyful occasions and often a times, we do look forward to the next party. In other words, lets say now we celebrating Christmas with parties. Do we look forward to the next happy occasion say Happy New Year and then after that, Happy Lunar New Year, etc. Because it is a happy occasions where family and friends get together and celebrate the joyful occasion.


So now let’s put celebration and parties together with a funeral wake.


The equation will lead to after one death celebration, we look forward to the next death celebration and as such, it will lead to a curse to whoever attends the celebration wake and see who is the next to bid farewell and hold another party-like funeral wake.


That’s why there arises tradition funeral practices and rituals for us to observe so as not to bring back any “death luck or energy” back home and curse others in the family.


Yin Feng Shui traditions will be explained and discussed in future stories.


So now that you have read the articles of celebration of deceased in the news and now you have read this article of mine.


Whether do you want to attend a death wake party or plan your own death wake party, the option is yours.


Again, there is a super conflict of interest as I am now a Funeral Director and also a Yin Feng Shui practitioner.


As a Yin practitioner, I will advise you against celebration of a funeral wake and to observe the traditions that were passed down by our ancestors.


As a Funeral Director, I will encourage party-likes celebration cos that will bring in more cases for me. Hehehehehehe!!!


So now after understanding the pros and cons of holding a funeral wake like a party, the choice is still on you – whether to preplan yours as a party or to go and attend a party-like funeral wake.


Hope this article brings some understanding on the pros and cons of a party-like funeral wake.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, taking an injection (not embalming), resting on the hospital (not casket) bed looking forward to full recovery, signing off.


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