Funeral Services with Yin Feng Shui Package

1)   Embalming

2)   Coffin

3)   Cremation / Burial

4)   Pallbearers

- Transfer of body from place of death to embalmer

- From embalmer to funeral wake

- From funeral wake to crematorium / burial ground

5)   Photo frame and to enlarge photo of deceased

6)   Tentage – Void Deck and Multi Purpose Hall

7)   Assist family to book cremation slot / burial ground

8)   The front Deco settings

9)   The Joss sticks for the deceased

10)  Drinks, peanuts and sweets

11)  Toilet(s)

12)  Hearse (“Coffin Car”)

13)  one 45 seater chartered bus from wake to crematorium

14)  One Master Fong

  1. To be there when your loved one passes on to provide guidance
  2. When coffin arrives the wake, ensure proper Yin fengshui
  3. Ensure the deceased is properly dressed up and made up
  4. Accompany you all to choose niche based on Yin Feng Shui
  5. Accompany you all to collect ashes
  6. Adjust the urn placement in accordance to Yin Feng Shui.
  7. Guidance for you during the funeral process.


Additional options:

-       Food caterings

-       Free Thinker, Christian, Buddhist or Taoist funeral services

-       Joss papers; Praying Materials

-       Clothing for the livings

-       寿衣 / clothing for the deceased to wear

-       Bang, Music or “Na Mo Lo Ko”

-       Monks for Buddhist Rituals

-       Taoist Priests for Taoist Rituals

-       Columbarium – place of niche for urn

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