Post Trauma Stress Disorder – My Encounter

Hi all

Many of you have knew that I had my Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD) relapse the last few days and went low profile or rest for the few days to manage my PTSD.

I am still trying now on how to handle this PTSD and gathered enough courage to document down my encounters and feelings here in my

It will take some time to finish documenting this encounters as I still shivers with fear. However, I feel I have to face it so i decided to write it down regardless of fears and my continuous free flow tears with a break dancing (shivering) body.

I am blessed to have the support from the nurse (Thank you my Angel from my Journal) who have been always by my side whenever I need her and in the event of me breaking down, I will turn to her.

I will slowly and surely finish my full stories here.

And I have set up a campaign on raising awareness of PTSD here at instead of the usual support to encourage my fight against PTSD.

Here are the chapters so far written:

  1. Chapter One: The Birth of my PTSD
  2. Chapter Two: The Second Blow
  3. Chapter Three: The Diagnosis of Post Trauma Stress Disorder
  4. Chapter Four: How useful is the Psychiatrist for me

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