How Buddha impacts the concepts of Yin Theories

Happy Vesak Day to all!


Long time never write stories and today’s story is inspired by Vesak Day and also the Lord Mara.


Let me start off today’s story with a brief introduction:


While Yang theories may at times being linked to Brightness and some Chinese Gods, Yin theories is always different from Yang. Yin theories may at times being linked to Darkness, Asura and of course Lord Mara. I will not go in depth details in this area here in this story. Just take it at the superficial value that Yin is always the opposite of Yang and as such you may read this story with an open mind.


Now that we know Yin theories are linked to Asura and darkness and we refer our supreme Asura as Lord Mara or in other words your own devil in the heart (心魔) – it is formless.


From the Buddhism history, during the stage when Lord Siddhartha Gautama enlightens to become a Buddha, Asura challenged him using 3 methods. First 2 methods are 3 pretty women (Asura) to seduce Him and a whole platoon of army to attack Him.


These 2 methods are not of importance in this story. The third one is very relevant to how Buddha impacts the concepts of Yin Theories.


3rd Method:


Lord Mara appears in front of Buddha and mentioned “You are me and I am you. This is because I am always in you (心魔) so no matter where and what you become, I am always be in you or I am just you.”


The Valuable Reply (this impacts the Yin Theories) from Buddha was “If I do not exist………….” In other words, if Buddha himself don’t exist, how can Lord Mara exists too?


This Valuable Reply introduces these 3 concepts of Selfless (無我), Nothing and Formless into the Yin theories.


From Yin theories, Yin Feng Shui arises and these 3 concepts make Yin Feng Shui theories to be very different from Yang Feng Shui theories.


When you approach a Yang Feng Shui practitioner, the practitioner will read your destiny / life based (focusing) on You (我), Everything (for example 12 zodiacs, 12 palaces, 4 pillars, etcs) and Form (plotting charts and interpreting all the FORMations, etc.)


Whereas if you approach a Yin Feng Shui practitioner, nothing to type here cos the Yi practitioner based on 無我, nothing and formless to read your life – So as that is no form, I got nothing to write here….


Anyway, the focus of today’s story is not about what method is good to read a person’s life. The focus of today’s story is on how Buddha and His teachings impacts the Yin theories and how Yin theories codified His teachings into it’s theories.


Next question you may want to ask is how then is Yin theories before Buddha’s teachings (His Reply).


Well, I do not know as I learned Yin theories after Buddha’s era but based on history and my own personal guess – You see how Lord Mara questioned Buddha then – I am you and you are me; we are inseparable.


So my guess is probably Yin theories (that are based on darkness) before Buddha’s era is entering into your shadow and read your life based on it. The concept of “Entering into your shadow” still exists now and let me think how I can introduce to you all – either by writing as a story or conducting a class on this. This Yin theory of “Entering the Shadows” was being used in Iga Province (Japan) and that was how ninjas originated based on this theory.


This story also explains why in the Yin class, I often comment that the Yin theories and Buddhism are very very similar as Buddha impacts the concepts of Yin theories.


Please do not take this story as if I am promoting any religion here. As Buddhism impacts Yin Theories, I personally respect Buddha and His teachings.


Once again, Happy Vesak Day to all of you and have a great weekend too!!!


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As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, wishing everyone a Happy Vesak Day, signing off.

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