Funeral Preplanning Will

Hi all, thanks for your interests and enquires in Yesterday’s story on “A Yin way to change and take control of your own luck”.


As promised in my replies to you that I will write another story to talk about how to go ahead with the Planning with your own funeral.


It is also known as your Funeral Preplanning Will.


As explained in the previous story, the purpose of this is to control your fate instead of fate controlling you. Beside this, a funeral preplanning will also assists your surviving loved ones in making the final arrangements you desire. In other words, this will will provide a direction or a roadmap so your loved ones can follow to memorialize your life. Furthermore, you also give them a peace of mind during a very difficult time.


Does it affect you adversely if you make a funeral preplan now?


Nope. But instead, it will assist you to increase your luck if you plan for a good funeral. Vice versa if you plan for a bad one.


Here are the pointers in the preplanning will:


Notification: The very first pointer in the will is to notify this Fong Chun Cheong immediately upon your demise so (1) I can offer assistance and comfort to your survivors and (2) you can still scold and order me to do things upon your demise provided I am still alive lah.


Funeral Services and Wake: You can preplan the venue where you want to hold your funeral wake and what type of religion and the number of days for the wake. As for the casket (i.e. coffin), you can choose if you want it to be half glass, full glass or no glass or fully covered or etc. Furthermore, you need to instruct if you want burial, sea burial or cremation and what to do with your remains.


Coffin Couture: In order words, what is the clothes you wanna wear.


Obituary: How do you want to notify your loved ones and relatives and friends.


Music: What kind of music you want to be played.


Catering: What kind of food to be served – This is known as your final treat to the survivors and also known as a blessing given to them.


Photo: What photo you want to put…


Eulogy: Who do you want to give a eulogy about you and your life.


Funeral Costs and Budget: How much you want to budget or set aside for your own funeral. NOTE: There is no upfront payment in any manner to anyone. This is only for Budget purpose. Real cost may be lower or higher than the budgeted amount. This budget may be used to gauge how good your funeral services and thus increasing your luck from current to your demise. REMEMBER that there is no obligation for your survivors to spend lavishly to meet your high budget.


Any further requests and comments you want to add in.


This is the information needed from you for me to assist you to preplan your funeral. Remember to tell your loved ones you have this preplan will and where you keep it.


Can you change the will at anytime?


Yes. And you can also destroy this will anytime you want.


The next question is how to go about it on preplanning your (funeral) will.


Let me know your interest and I need to find a good (yin) time to meet you and then we write up the plan for you so to add a booster to your current luck to higher level.


The cost of this will writing is priced at $328 (live easy huat) but for this period, it goes at $288 (easy huat huat).


Hope this story answers your queries.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, preplanning my own funeral services will, signing off.

*******************Sign off**********************



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