A Yin way to change and take control of your own luck

Are you having some difficulties in your life? Are you facing a crisis or a mess currently? Hoping to have a better path ahead?


Wahahahaha!!! Does these sounds like a Marketing Advertisement?


Heard of these commercialized “Yin practice” that you can change your luck for the better by cutting your fingernails or hair, etc. and put them in an urn and find a good location to bury them? And many more flowerly patterns like badminton so that these “practitioners” can command a higher fees.


Does this really work?


Let me first give you a scenario.


How often do you cut your fingernails or go to the hairdresser to cut your hair? Fingernails maybe weekly and hair (for guys) maybe once a month or bimonthly?


Where do you “keep” your fingernails or hair that were being cut away from your body? Usually, for me, I will throw my fingernails away in the bin and my hairdresser will sweep away my hair and use vacuum machine to suck them away and then dispose them into the friendly bin.


Wah!!!!! These fingernails and hair that (once) belonged to me are being disposed in the dustbin and they are being sent to the incinerator for cremation burning…


Thus, in this instance, does these cut away fingernails and hair affect my luck?


Obviously, a BIG NO!!!!


Thus logically, these fingernails and hair that were once belonged to me and now being cut away, they no longer belong to me and thus no matter how you treat them – it doesn’t concern me anymore. So by putting these cut fingernails and hair and bury them in a so-called good location, it don’t really help in changing the luck to the better.


Of course, now you will ask – Then how the black magician can use the victim’s hair to curse a black magic on them? This is also a commercialized manner for them to convince and command a higher price too. For example, you can provide a photo of me to the blackmagician together with a different’s person’s hair or fingernails and even date of births, the blackmagician is still able to put the curse on me even with the different set (not mine) of cut fingernails and hair and date of birth.


So does that mean burying your own photo in a good location will be good? Well, you can try this at your own risk. If you bury yourself underground, how are you going to raise your luck further up?


Thus, under Yin practice, how then can a yin practice change a person’s luck to the better?


Heard of Planning leads and defines Success?


It is based on the 5 P’s concept – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.


So what to plan then?


In our life, what will we undergo in the final stage?


Well, no one is getting out of here alive and hence we all will go through death as our last journey.


Of course, I am not asking you to plan your own death.


What is next after a death and before your body is being buried or cremated?


A “Farewell Party” also known as Funeral Services.


Yes. So one Yin way to change your luck to the better or getting out a messy situation now is to preplan your own funeral.


The logic here under Yin Practice is like this below:


You plan your last journey and in other words, you have a solid and good final journey. Thus, from now till the last journey, law of attraction (or pulling) sets in. In order to have a good solid final journey, you need to be good from current all the way till the end so that a good solid final journey can be materialized.


In simpler interpretation, if a person all along in his life suffers poor luck, his final journey may be adversely affected and if he all along enjoys good luck, his final journey will be a good and solid one.


Thus, define your success and take control of your life from now onwards. Pre-Plan your funeral services with ccfong.com. Confirm sounds like an advertisement.


If you all are not ‘Padang’ (superstitious), you may want to preplan your own funeral services while you are still able and clear mind so to control your own fate. Otherwise, others will do the planning for you and this means Fate controls you.


This is one of the Yin practice to change and take control of your luck.


If interested to find out more, please contact ccfong.com.


Otherwise, just treat this as another story.


This is Fong Chun Cheong, preplanning the preplanning stuff, signing off…

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