Yin Class on this upcoming Saturday 16th April 2016

Hi all


It had been a while (more than 3 months) since my last class on Spiritual Disease on 1st January 2016 on my 18th (plus 16) birthday.


As my karate dojo is shifting to a new premise soon, I think it is a good to have one more class in the Karate Dojo at 94 McNair Road as in the future, I may need to source for other classrooms again.


Topic I will be touching base on will be:


“Applying what you have learnt so far in a practical case”.


So far, we have visited these topics: (1) Yin Feng Shui, (2) Theory of Nothing, (3) Seeing Through Nothing, (4) Fear, (5) Seeing Through Fear, (6) Karma, (7) Death and (8) Spiritual Disease.


Even if without the knowledge of these topics, it is also ok for you all to attend.


Put all these topics together and follow me through while I apply all these topics in a practical case.


Who will be involved in this practical case?


May have to use a bit of imagination – The Late(s) Venn, Phyllis and Tiffany. Will debrief “them” on why and what exactly they had been through.


In other words, just sit back and relax and listen to me talk (to and about them) and at the same time, understanding how the abovementioned topics can be put in practical situation.


Will be interesting as it is towards Yin practitioners and you all may get an insight on how Yin practice is too.


Venue will be at 94 McNair Road


Time: 6.30pm


Fees: $88/= or any amount (optional – you want to support ccfong.com or not up to you)


See you all again and enjoy our last evening in the Karate Dojo setting. Haha!


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