The Dark Side of The Dark Side

Hi all! Hope you had enjoyed the weekend and here is another story for your reading pleasure and have a more insight of Yin practice.


This story is dedicated to a friend who is going through a medical procedure tomorrow :) and also dedicated to all Yin practitioners – Past, Current and Future.


If you are following my personal Facebook space, you may find me funny, silly, crazy, always fooling around, etc. Well, I guess that if you are in the same practice as mine, I think your personal Facebook space will be more crazy, funny, silly, etc. than mine.


Let me explain the logic behind this phenomena.


As you have read my previous stories from beginning till now, you may understand that we Yin practitioners 1) are in the dark side (i.e. we can’t disclose much on our practice or job done), 2) have rules to abide to and most importantly 3) are humans like yourself.


Yin Feng Shui normally associates with death, dealing with black magics, and at times handles other people’s pain, sadness and suffering – all are negative energies.


In other words, we Yin Practitioners are being hammered with all negative energies all day long.


In addition to this, we have no one to turn to as we have rules that we are not suppose to disclose our feelings and job done to anyone else. We absorbed all these Goods Service Tax (GST) negativities.


Those who do not have strong mental minds – they will turn to suicide or death to end their “negativity” – for e.g. Phil and Tiff.


In reality, we are humans with flesh and blood too. If we are robots without any feelings, then this job is easy for us. Unfortunately, we are not. And family, friends, etc. are always there to question what we do and we have rules to abide to that they cannot understand; and in no way we can disclose to them and as such, they may get offended in a way or another. Yin practitioners do have these “extra pressure” on top of the negativities energies.


We fight on through the plight to righteous earn the right to call ourselves Yin Practitioners – It’s never an easy path. We go through hell and to come back alive with a story to tell – Unlike my 3 other girls, they have stories to tell but they are not alive to write them down.


As a human, why choose this path? How nice if we can lead on a normal life and have a girlfriend turned to wife and set up a family! Who don’t want all these? As we practice the Yin way for long – We finally understand this concept of “Who else but I (we). If everyone chooses the easy happy way out, there will be no Yin practitioners to serve the negativities. For me, I have no further complains with myself being a Yin practitioner. I love to see others have genuine smile(s) and happiness on their face after they had dispersed their negative energies.


Hence there are always these 2 types of Yin practitioners.


Because we do not get to have or get to enjoy (e.g. setting up a family), we either (1) help others to maintain happiness by handling their negativities or (2) jealous of others and add on negativities in their lives to cause them hell and destroy their happiness. The latter is known as Black Magicians.


Being in the Dark Side as a Yin practitioner, there is always many dark sides and the above mentioned are just minorities. There are many more but I will try to discuss them slowly in my future stories.


Now the question arises, why do I look so happy and silly in my social media i.e. Facebook?


I am a human too and need to disperse away my negativities absorption so I can absorb more negativity in future. Social media is a virtual world. In other words, it is a FAKE world. In the real world, I have rules to abide by.


So how about the FAKE world? I can let my imaginations run wild and be whoever and whatever I want.


Like recently, I was tasked to take care and bring one Japanese schoolgirl around Singapore. I am about 20 years her senior. So in the FAKE world, I can treat her like my daughter and for the first time in my life, I have actually became someone’s father. Of course, I like memories and take wefies or selfies and post them in social media so that when I revisit these photos, there are my “happy moments”.


Yes, it is a FAKE world, but the feelings are real. Remember it is a Real Fake World or Really a Fake World. :)


Yeah! You can call this cheap thrill.


Well, this is how I treat the Dark Side (negative feelings) of the Dark Side (being a Yin practitioner). Different practitioners have their own unique way of handling their Dark Side.


If mismanaged, it cost a life of a Yin practitioner. Cannot play a fool one although I play a fool in the virtual fake world.


Sadness, pain, etc. is real and it does not only targeted at one person – It applies to everyone. So for my friend who I dedicated this story to, stay strong and overcome the procedure and have a good rest after that. You are not alone because I will be there for you :)


Whereby for the past, current and future Yin Practitioners, you are all alone and take good care of your Dark Side as mismanagement of it has a huge price to pay.


In the FAKE world, I can be whoever I want to be and if you use the FAKE world to judge me, I can only say that you run a high risk of misjudgment of the real me in the real world. Hehehehehehe!!!!!


Hope this story gives you a more in-depth understanding of the Yin practitioners.


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, who will be enjoying being a father of someone for one more last day tomorrow before she flies off, signing off.

*********************Sign off****************************



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