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A conversation between Life and Death:


Life asked Death: “Why do everybody loves me but so so so many hate you ah?”


Death replied: “Because you are a beautiful lie whilst I am a Painful Truth.”


Everybody, you and myself, is unable to get out from this Truth ALIVE.


It is a journey in our life.


It sometimes occurs to people at young age. Take example in my case, my buddies, Tiffany, Phyl and Venn – They had already walked this journey in their 20s. Probably, they might have regrets that no one knows as they left their journey of life without saying any last words.


The least we can do for our loved one who passed on – To arrange a good farewell to them and also have a closure for them and also ourselves whom they had left behind.


For me, my 3 buddies left without saying any last words and I was unable to send them off in any good way. The feeling isn’t so wonderful and it can be stuck onto me for the rest of my life in this journey.


However, there is worse scenario than this which I saw happened before. The living ones did send off their deceased loved one but the sending off (funeral service) was an unhappy and not professional one. For this, in addition to no proper closure in the living ones, the feeling of hatred amongst them arouse. E.g. why we send off never use this religion, why never cut the pockets of the deceased dressings, why during the funeral he scolds me, etc.


I have been practicing this Yin Feng Shui services for more than 2 decades and in my experience, I have came across these common situations when a loved one passes on.


Normally, it is a very sad and sober occasion.


Relatives and family are very emotional and sad and some even break down. With this, as they lost their loved ones, they too naturally will lose their direction (in life) during that material point in time.


In other words, they are lost and do not know what and how to do upon the passing on of the loved one(s).


Furthermore, they do not know which undertakers to approach to. They only depend on recommendations by friends and even nurses to contact which funeral service providers.


As they are new and inexperienced in the funeral arrangements, normally a person from the funeral service provider will meet up with them and explain what and how to do next.


At this junction, the family members, who are now lost and sad, will naturally placed a huge amount of reliance on this service provider to give them directions on what and how they should proceed on. It all depends on the integrity and ethics of the service provider (who is also a businessman). At times, the provider (because of wanting to earn more) may advice the family members to do many unnecessary stuff that cost a bomb. Only after a certain period when they are not so emotional, they will look back and felt being “chopped” by the provider.


And during the funeral wake, there will always be Smart Alex which I call them “Shit Stirrers” popping up. These stirrers will behave as though they know a lot of stuff which regards to death and always come out with lots of myths to scare the hell out of the family members. For example, the stirrers may suggest why the pockets of the deceased in the coffin are not cut and this means the deceased is going to take away all luck away from the family members and as such, bad future will strike them and many more myths and RUBBISHes…..  And with this rubbish, emotions and hatred might arise in the family members that caused them to be more lost in direction.


The worst scenario is that because everyone is at lost and either everybody wants to be leader and lead one another to No where or everybody just want to be low profile and just follow whoever is the leader.


Who do you need during this “lost direction” period?


Someone you trust and that someone must also be experienced with this funeral services and procedures.


I can only say that I have done this yin stuff for over 2 decades :)


As such, I am providing this funeral services using yin feng shui basis if anyone needs this service. In other words, I have with me my working partner, Asia, will overlook and arrange this funeral service while I will be the one who can better guide the living ones and also the deceased on the procedures and to eliminate all the myths by the stirrers and also not overspending and most importantly, ensure that the fengshui for the descendants is not being compromised.


From now onwards, and Fong Chun Cheong shall do funeral services and is 24 hours and please contact me in any event if this service is needed.


Do not be afraid.


Do not get lost.


And together with me, let’s provide your loved one a very blessed and fruitful last journey and have a proper good closure.

As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, going to do a write up on the funeral package, signing off.

***************sign off****************


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