Relieve Stress – The Yin method

i all! Hope you had enjoyed the last story on pregnancy.


Today’s story is inspired by Kevin Tan about stress as we were having coffee and talking about stress and 神经有问题 stuff.


Let’s start my story straight away……


What is stress? No need to explain la… Congrats to you if you don’t know what it is and it is normal if you know what it is. For example, this ccfong long long time no update stories, you think he got stress? Well, I don’t think so but instead he feels more relaxed and instead of stressing to think of a story, he wanders around do all sorts of funny stuff and just NOT thinking and writing stories.…..


As at this material point in time, I understand you want to BEAT him upside down. No worries, you all have a chance – Just read this story and towards the end you will definitely have a chance to BEAT him upside down – only available for readers in Singapore…. Read first and then claim your beatings on him later.


What is stress? Stress is a kind of emotional and mental strain and tension normally caused by worrying and tension.


So is stress considered Yang or Yin energy?


Yang energy is always moving and Yin is calmness. Hence if you worry and anxious during stress, your mind will be moving around and hard to calm down.


See ah, Our body also react adversely to stress (i.e. harmful situations). Like that hor, stress is like threatening you and your choice is either to whack it face to face or escape away from the situation.


Furthermore, stress makes you easily agitated, angry, avoiding ccfong, worring and making you want to take full control or feeling it is beyond control and emotionally, you may become the baby if the pregnant mummy goes to the beach and seaside – baby becomes EMO or “like kenna possessed”.


And not only emotions that stress causes harm to. You see ah, stress also causes the heart to beat faster, and then chest pain and then blood pressure shoots up and then headache ah, cannot sleep and then lead to insomnia and then muscle tenses, here pain there pain, cannot eat properly, etc.


Thus, stress is so complex and casues many havocs to physical and mental health. It is equivalent to a car crash impact. This I know because I am a road traffic accident survivor and went through a period of Post Trauma Stress Disorder.


So Stress is Yang or Yin – From the above explanation, confirm Yang.


So how to deal with stress under the Yin theories? Should we use Yin factors or Yang factors to deal with it?


First time in history, I will betray my Yin side… hehehehe…


If we uses Yin to handle stress… < “Positive (Yang) multiply by Negative (Yin) = Negative outcome”>


Yin is equivalent to hiding, keeping to yourself, stay low profile, meditation, etc.


Imagine if you are stress and stay in the dark… I refer to my last previous story. Yang (fetus and body) needs Yin environment (inside mummy’s womb and darkness), so if the stressful you hide in darkness, the Yang (i.e. Stress) becomes stronger.  And this stress will lead to depression (the Yin energy).


Depression is something like “already lose to stress” i.e. given up and thus to react with this loss, the state of mind goes into depression state and thus feeling helpless, useless, hopeless, alamakness, etc.


Thus if Yang (stress) goes with Yin (darkness), outcome will be Yin – Depression (a state of mind).


Not saying stress is no good – A bit of stress is good for you as it keeps you motivated, alert, etc.




Sorry Yin, this round you no fight…. I am depressed liao…


If we uses Yang to handle stress… < “Positive (Yang) multiply by Positive (Yang) = Positive outcome”>


Hence, if you are stress, what is advisable to do is to sound it out and also to sweat it out. Well, you need to focus on another Yang stuff to temporarily distract your attention away from your current stress and when you return back to your stress after the distraction, you feel more positive towards it and may be able to take full control of the stress.


Hence, in conclusion:

Yang if use Yin = depression

Yang if use Yang = normal and can move forward


As for my experience on my stress and disability, I trained pushing, kicking, balancing, etc. to stay positive and move on and recover again.


Hence, as to pass down my experience and training, I am going to let you all punch and kick me (of course with me holding pads and protective gears). Like this you all can handle stress well, and get fitter and also learn some fighting techniques for basic self defence.


If you are feeling stress or stuck in any situation, please contact me for one free trial one to one session in punching and kickings and also chit chat during training – But wherever you punch, don’t aim my face ah…..


Let’s get fit together and get rid of stress together!!!


So please call me for your punching and kicking session…


Please note that I am not a professional fighter, trainer, psychologist, etc., so I am not teaching any Martial Arts, etc. I am only sharing with you my techniques to get fit and handle stress. If you want to learn any Martial Arts, please go and approach those professional ones and if you need counseling, please also approach the professional counselor.


I come and let you punch and kick and also let you sound me your problem so only to let’s move on together and get fit and goodbye to stress.


So let’s name this exercise as “CC-XERCISE” – Ccfong’s way of Exercise.


Please feel free to contact me soon… Fyi, I am not available from 3rd March to 10th March as I go tour…. Hehe!


As at for now, this is Fong Chun Cheong, waiting for your call, signing off..

*********************Sign off************************


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